Accidents: Sept. 6: A caller with unknown injuries after an accident was trapped in a Toyota 4Runner and could smell gas;

Sept. 7: A semi reportedly rolled over in Steamboat River Twp.;

Sept. 8: A vehicle accident involving three young girls was reported in Helga Twp.

Animal Related: Sept. 5: A 410th St. caller complained about a dog in their yard;

Sept. 6: A dog bite was reported in Farden Twp.;

Sept. 7: A deer was reported needing to be dispatched;

Sept. 8: A deer needed to be dispatched and people involved requested a permit; Cows were reported loose on the road; A caller reported picking up a dog found on the road.

Assaults/Harassment: Sept. 6: A Nevis caller reported possible harassment.

Burglaries/Theft: Sept. 5: A Farden Twp. caller reported receiving a bill showing he spent about $2,000 on a credit card he never received in the mail; An entry-exit zone alarm was activated on U.S. Hwy. 71;

Sept. 8: A 460th St. caller reported girls took cigarettes off her porch and ran.

Fires: Sept. 6: A caller reported an unattended bonfire.

Medical: Sept. 5: An ambulance was requested on 169th Ave. for a male having a heart attack; An ambulance was requested on County 6 for a female who was breathing but unresponsive;

Sept. 6: A medical alarm indicated that a male on County 80 fell; An ambulance was requested in Nevis Twp. for a female who fell; An ambulance was requested at the Hubbard-Wadena county line for a female who was nauseous and having trouble walking;

Sept. 7: An ambulance was requested on Hwy. 34 in the Akeley area for a male who spilled something on himself and had burns all over; An ambulance was requested in Lake Emma Twp. for a female who fell; An ambulance was requested on County 7 for a 19-year-old female with a swollen face and numbness, possibly having an allergic reaction or panic attack;

Sept. 8: An ambulance was requested on U.S. Hwy. 71 for a 24-year-old male with a heart condition having chest pains.

Miscellaneous: Sept. 5: A County 36 caller was suspicious about someone walking in their front yard; A State Hwy. 87 caller was suspicious about 4-5 vehicles in the field behind their house; A 150th St. caller reported a suspicious vehicle in the woods; A 170th St. caller complained about his ex taking things off jointly held property while their divorce decree states she is not to be on the property or take anything; A caller reported someone was digging in the dumpster and Frito trucks;

Sept. 6: A suspicious vehicle was reported; A County 33 caller complained about traffic going by his house and the radios being too loud; A 159th Ave. caller reported damage to a van that was going to a body shop; A probation violation was reported in Park Rapids; A Nevis caller reported damage to their truck occurring sometime since Sept. 3; Suspicious activity was reported; A State 34 caller in the Nevis area complained about excessive noise; A caller reported hearing five high-powered rifle shots; A 380th St. caller complained that her intoxicated boyfriend would not stop singing and making noise while she was trying to sleep, and that he took her van keys but was still on scene;

Sept. 7: A panic alarm was activated in Lake Emma Twp. and there was no answer on the premises; A 170th St. caller complained about their neighbors’ noise; A caller reported eight protesters who got into their vehicles and left while caller was on the phone; A 209th Ave. caller reported a suspicious vehicle; A State 34 caller was suspicious about a Volvo with no rear license plate and small dents, with two occupants at least one of them male; A County 2 caller was suspicious about a houseboat nearby and two four-wheelers that went into the area; A 245th Ave. caller reported hearing two shots for the second night in a row;

Sept. 8: A State Hwy. 64 caller reported trespassing and older people duck hunting; A 450th St. caller complained about an extremely loud, late 90s Chevrolet always driving back and forth in front of their house; A County 91 caller reported receiving a suspicious phone call; A 498th St. caller complained about a 12-year-old acting up; A child called from a 470th St. location to say their mom’s ex-boyfriend was drunk.

Traffic: Sept. 5: A County 23 caller reported a tree down in the road; A minivan was reported crossing the center line and driving at erratic speeds;

Sept. 6: A caller complained about someone not draining their boat;

Sept. 7: A caller reported a truck was losing sheetrock out of its back; Motorist assist was requested; A 398th St. caller reported ATVs damaging the road; A Chevy SUV was reported swerving all over the roadway;

Sept. 8: A boater having trouble with their boat motor requested escort to the lake access; Motorist assist was requested for vehicles along the roadway; A Honda Pilot was reported driving recklessly.