From the Hubbard County dispatch blotter

Accidents: Aug. 29: A caller reported a vehicle ran a stop sign, hit her vehicle and fled the scene;

Sept. 3: A two-vehicle accident was reported in Nevis with no injuries; A caller reported that he blacked out while driving and went into the ditch, and caller said he didn’t remember the accident and felt confused but uninjured; A caller who was backed into at an intersection reported their vehicle was disabled in the middle of the roadway.

Animal Related: Aug. 29: Caller reported hitting a deer but there were no injuries inside the vehicle, and caller was unsure if her vehicle was drivable but deer was off the road; A Todd Twp. caller complained about a neighbor’s dog in caller’s yard;

Aug. 30: A deer hit by a vehicle was reported in a lane of traffic; A deer hit by a vehicle on U.S. Hwy. 71 was reported still alive;

Sept. 1: A Park Rapids caller reported an injured fawn on the side of the road needing to be dispatched; Four brown cows were reported loose on a road;

Sept. 2: Two cats, rabbits and a duck were found in a trailer on County 33 whose tenants were evicted about four weeks ago;

Sept. 3: A County 106 caller reported a deer hit by a vehicle needed to be dispatched and caller wanted a tag; A coyote hit by a vehicle was reported needing to be dispatched;

Sept. 4: A caller found a dead bear in a ditch, apparently hit by a vehicle, and caller wanted to take possession of the animal; A 410th St. caller reported cattle loose on the roadway; A deer hit by a vehicle was reported off the road, possibly needing to be dispatched.

Assaults/Harassment: Sept. 2: A Nevis Twp. caller reported a dispute/disturbance with a neighbor that occurred Sept. 1; A Farden Twp. caller reported she was assaulted the previous night;

Sept. 3: A parent requested a domestic welfare check on County 4;

Sept. 4: A Lakeport Twp. caller reported receiving threats via text and Facebook message.

Burglaries/Theft: Aug. 29: A worthless check was reported on U.S. Hwy. 71; A County 40 caller reported an email scam; There were two hits each on a door alarm and a first floor motion alarm on U.S. 71 in the Park Rapids area;

Aug. 30: A garden shed service door and overhead alarm were tripped on State Hwy. 87 in the Akeley area; Propane tanks were reported stolen from a cabin in Mantrap Twp.;

Aug. 31: Batteries were reported stolen out of multiple loaders at a gravel pit; A Clover Twp. caller reported an attempted break-in at their cabin within the last week, reporting nothing was noticed missing but there were ATV tracks in the driveway;

Sept. 1: A Lake Emma Twp. caller reported cash stolen from his vehicle;

Sept. 2: A high school hall door alarm was activated in Laporte;

Sept. 3: A garage door alarm was activated in Farden Twp.; A 390th St. caller reported an SD memory card was stolen from a trail cam and the camera was turned off;

Sept. 4: A Helga Twp. caller reported being scammed into giving someone a $100 gift card online.

Fires: Aug. 29: A 229th Ave. caller reported their kitchen was full of smoke, no flames were seen and everyone was out of the house;

Sept. 3: A fire alarm/smoke detector was activated on County 37 in the Laporte area.

Medical: Aug. 29: An ambulance was requested on State Hwy. 34 in the Nevis area for a patient having a seizure; A medical alarm was activated in Lake Emma Twp. and alarm company could not make any contact; A medical alarm was activated multiple times and there was no voice response for a 74-year-old female in Lakeport Twp.;

Aug. 30: An ambulance was requested in Farden Twp. for a nosebleed that wouldn’t stop while patient was on blood thinners and aspirin; An ambulance was requested in Schoolcraft Twp. for an 81-year-old male having trouble breathing;

Aug. 31: An ambulance was requested on 354th St. for a 63-year-old male with a history of heart attack, possibly having a stroke;

Sept. 1: An ambulance was requested for a female who apparently passed out at the wheel of a Dodge Durango; An ambulance was requested on 500th St. for a male having a seizure in front of his residence; Mutual aid was requested in Menahga for a female patient possibly having a stroke;

Sept. 2: A wearable alarm was activated in Lakeport Twp. and the alarm company, which could reach the owner, requested that ambulance personnel check both inside and outside; An ambulance was requested in Nevis for a male who threw his back out; An ambulance was requested in Lake Emma Twp. for an 88-year-old unable to stand, possibly having a relapse from an infection;

Sept. 3: An ambulance was requested in Clay Twp. for a 72-year-old female, diabetic cancer patient who was dizzy and in severe pain; An ambulance was requested for a 72-year-old Laporte male who recently had surgery and was sweating profusely and feeling weak; An ambulance was requested on 500th St. for a male possibly having a stroke; An ambulance was requested on State Hwy. 200 for a male having extreme back pain.

Miscellaneous: Aug. 29: A 285th Ave. caller wanted an officer present while she picked up her children from their stepmother to ensure she remains civil, and caller said she had a court order giving her custody of the children; A vehicle was stopped that had someone jumping around in the back seat;

Aug. 30: A 500th St. caller was suspicious about a vehicle parked at the end of their driveway; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller said her boyfriend locked her out of their residence and she had nowhere to go; A County 3 caller described a suspicious male walking along the road, looking out of place;

Aug. 31: A caller was suspicious about someone lying on the roadway; Law enforcement was requested to help someone retrieve property at a 470th St. address due to an order for protection; A caller reported a vehicle parked in a place that obstructed setting up a stage for a concert taking place later; A caller asked about the statutes about bringing an infant on a boat without a life jacket; Officers assisted at the Becida parade; Two suspicious vehicles were reported driving slowly up and down the road, possibly casing residences in the area; A caller said her son saw a group of youths damaging signs on a bridge in Nevis Twp.; A caller wanted garbage removed from a ditch and said she found information in the trash about who it belongs to;

Sept. 1: An officer checked out a suspicious vehicle at Bullwinkle’s in Nevis; A County 89 caller reported finding a case containing a gun while cutting grass; black leather bi-fold wallet was found on the Heartland Trail between Nevis and Dorset; A new Polaris ATV was found abandoned in the grass by a river; A County 3 caller asked law enforcement to check their residence; A County 32 caller reported a suspicious Ford pickup at an abandoned property; A facility on State Hwy. 34 in the Nevis area reported a person released from treatment would not leave the property and was believed to be in the surrounding woods; A Duck Lake caller reported that party of three who should have returned before dark were in an aluminum motor boat with no lights;

Sept. 2: Suspicious activity was reported regarding an occupied vehicle; Occupants of a minivan were reported pulled off of U.S. Hwy. 71 doing suspicious substances before taking off; A 209th Ave. caller near Park Rapids reported suspicious people getting in and out of a car before taking off; State Patrol reported a damaged vehicle parked at State Hwy. 34 and County 2, which the trooper pushed out of the road; A driver was reported acting strangely and swerving all over the road; A County 11 caller said her mailbox was apparently blown up; A Hubbard caller reported someone tipped over their flower box and threw eggs at their window; A caller reported losing her wallet in the Paul Bunyan State Forest;

Sept. 3: A County 40 caller reported an unoccupied boat washed up in front of their residence; A County 26 caller asked what to do with property that her ex-roommate abandoned at her residence; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller near Bemidji reported an unknown person started machinery and left it running all night; A Park Rapids area caller reported a downed tree was blocking the river between Island Lake and Eagle Lake;

Sept. 4: An elderly female on 235th St. activated a medical alarm and advised alarm company that she fell and couldn’t get up; A 269th Ave. caller wanted assistance picking up belongings.

Traffic: Aug. 29: A fallen tree was reported completely blocking one lane and partially obstructing the other lane on County 18; A caller complained about side-by-sides and ATVs speeding on the road; A vehicle was reported tailgating and swerving; A motorist whose vehicle broke down requested assistance;

Aug. 30: A Crow Wing Lake Twp. caller complained about people speeding on the road; A vehicle pulling a pontoon trailer was reported having issues with a tire; A vehicle was reported swerving all over the roadway;

Aug. 31: A motorist was assisted on the side of the road; A caller reported two young girls putting rocks in the roadway and cars hitting them; A 470th St. caller reported a neighbor’s 8-9-year-old running out into traffic; A Hubbard Twp. caller complained about kids driving recklessly and sliding sideways;

Sept. 1: A Farden Twp. caller reported very young Jet Ski riders going too fast on Midge Lake and getting too close to caller’s dock; A Nevis Twp. caller reported a driver speeding in front of a residence on a private road where children play;

Sept. 2: Grader drivers reported witnessing a vehicle tearing up the roads; A caller reported a branch down on State Hwy. 200 that could be moved by hand; A lane of traffic was reported as completely blocked; An “epic tree across most of the road” was reported;

Sept. 3: A school bus driver in Park Rapids reported several trees down, obstructing the roadway; A Park Rapids caller reported a Mitsubishi car with Illinois plates swerving all over the roadway; A County 18 caller reported a Lund boat on her shoreline;

Sept. 4: A school bus arm violation was reported in Park Rapids while no children were on the ground; A Park Rapids caller reported a semi serving in the lane; A 190th St. caller complained about a neighbor driving fast by his residence, though caller admitted to hearing but not seeing the vehicle; A vehicle was reported traveling west in the eastbound lane.