Crystal Lynn Grant, 41, of rural Park Rapids was sentenced in Becker County District Court for felony check forgery.

According to court records, she used old checkbooks to forge checks in Otter Tail, Wadena and Becker counties. She was identified with the help of store surveillance video. Two other felony check forgery charges were dismissed in a plea agreement.

A felony charge of fourth-degree assault on a peace officer, involving bodily fluids, was also dismissed in a plea agreement.

That charge stems from Feb. 13 incident at the Becker County Jail. Grant was being moved from the general population to a holding cell. She resisted the move and spat at a corrections officer, missing and hitting a different officer.

She was previously convicted of theft in Hubbard County.

On Aug. 21, Grant appeared before District Judge Jay Carlson, who sentenced her to 22 months in prison at Shakopee and ordered her to pay a $50 fine, $215 in court fees, and $1,918 in restitution.