Accidents: Aug. 19: A Nevis caller reported a 4x4 SUV or UTV crashed into her neighbor’s yard, doing considerable damage, and left westbound on County 18; A Nevis caller reported a vehicle drove through her yard, damaging her fence etc.; A caller reported a vehicle on top of a trailer overturned in the ditch and a vehicle towing them up on the highway;

Aug. 23: Chrysler Roadside Assistance called in a possible gas leak from a vehicle;

Aug. 25: A one-vehicle accident was reported, involving a truck and camper off the road with three children.

Animal Related: Aug. 19: A 269th Ave. caller reported cows loose on the road; A black Angus was reported out of the fence, crossing the road into the opposite-side ditch;

Aug. 20: A County 3 caller complained that a bull was loose again; A Nevis caller reported catching two “super friendly” dogs running loose at Musky Waters, wearing collars but no tags, one of them with an injury to its face; A County 39 caller in the Laporte area reported two stray dogs; A Straight River Twp. caller reported two unknown cows loose on the road;

Aug. 21: A Todd Twp. caller reported their neighbor’s dog in caller’s yard being aggressive; Five black cows were reported loose on the roadway;

Aug. 22: A squad vehicle hit a deer; A tan horse was reported loose in a ditch near County 45;

Aug. 23: A Lakeport Twp. caller reported their neighbors’ dogs were not under control, including a great Dane type dog;

Aug. 24: An officer reported a cow loose; State Patrol requested assistance dispatching a deer; A Nevis caller complained that their neighbor’s dog would not stop barking.

Assaults/Harassment: Aug. 19: A 275th Ave. caller reported a small pickup and a motorcycle were turning around in her driveway and harassing her;

Aug. 20: A female caller reported an older male driver acting out road rage on U.S. Hwy. 71;

Aug. 21: A verbal domestic incident with yelling and a possible physical fight were heard on 911 call received from a Farden Twp. address, and dispatch advised an ambulance may be needed;

Aug. 23: A Hubbard caller reported they could hear a female screaming, possibly at someone; A Henrietta Ave. caller complained that her ex keeps coming into her yard; A 380th St. caller reported a domestic dispute, both verbal and physical;

Aug. 24: A 200th St. caller said he was being threatened;

Aug. 25: A County 25 caller said he was afraid for his son, who lives in Max and was being threatened.

Burglaries/Theft: Aug. 19: A door alarm was activated at the Helga Community Center;

Aug. 20: A County 18 caller in the Nevis area reported the theft of scrap metals; An upstairs office alarm was activated on State Hwy. 34 in the Akeley area; A Lake Emma Twp. caller left a voicemail wanting to report a theft; A Park Rapids caller reported the theft of a decorative bicycle from his front yard;

Aug. 21: A Park Rapids caller reported her divorce decree and other legal documents were stolen;

Aug. 22: A 470th St. caller reported theft of mail; A Clay Twp. caller reported receiving a possible scam voicemail about a federal claim, telling her to call police or be arrested; A County 93 caller reported a Coleman go-cart stolen within the past 24 hours;

Aug. 23: A possible scam was reported in Henrietta Twp.; A Farden Twp. caller reported theft from a foreclosed home; A front door motion detector was activated in White Oak Twp.; State Hwy. 200 caller reported the theft of a trailer; A County 24 caller reported receiving a $1,400 bad check; A Social Security scam was reported in Helga Twp.; A Laporte caller reported a $11.15 gas driveoff involving a newer white station wagon; A Farden Twp. caller who had been away from his cabin for two weeks reported a missing Kindle device and said someone purchased something through his Amazon account and had it delivered to a Cass Lake address;

Aug. 25: A County 33 caller in the Nevis area reported the theft of a furnace and attempted theft of a water heater.

Fires: Aug. 22: A residential fire alarm was activated in Mantrap Twp.;

Aug. 24: A fire alarm and smoke detector were activated at a pavilion building on County 24.

Medical: Aug. 19: An ambulance was requested on 317th Ave. for a female who fell and had a possible hip injury; An ambulance was requested on County 50 for an elderly female who fell and possibly broke her left arm and left leg; An ambulance was requested in Lake Alice Twp. for a female who fell on her right side while walking her dog; An ambulance was requested in Mantrap Twp. for a male who fell in the woods;

Aug. 20: An ambulance was requested on 450th St. for an elderly male who fell;

Aug. 21: An ambulance was requested in Nevis Twp. for a female on oxygen having difficulty breathing; An ambulance was requested in Park Rapids for a male possibly having a stroke; A County 45 caller in the Laporte area directly contacted North Memorial Ambulance regarding a fall, and their dispatch requested a deputy;

Aug. 22: An ambulance was requested on 229th Ave. when a female in hospice care fell; An ambulance was requested on County 4 for a male who fell, hit his head and was conscious but could not remember falling; An ambulance was requested on 275th Ave. for a male who was weak and collapsed, and was now sweating profusely and not communicating much; An ambulance was requested in Nevis for a severe asthma attack;

Aug. 23: An ambulance was requested at Itasca State Park for a female who was down at Douglas Lodge, not alert but breathing; An ambulance was requested in Lake George Twp. for a female who used some type of spray and her heart was not feeling well;

Aug. 24: An ambulance was requested in PArk Rapids; An ambulance was requested on 460th St. for a 58-year-old male having a possible stroke, but victim said he was fine and didn’t want anyone to show up.

Miscellaneous: Aug. 19: Multiple reports were received about a female screaming near the theater in Hubbard; Highway Dept. reported a car abandoned on the side of the road in the Laporte area; A refrigerator was reported abandoned at a cemetery; A Nevis store employee reported a suspicious male intoxicated and acting strangely in the store, wearing no shoes and covered in brush, wanting to use the phone to call his sister but unable to recall her number, and beginning to act stranger when employee suggested calling law enforcement for assistance;

Aug. 20: A Nevis area caller reported hearing two gunshots; A Park Rapids area caller reported a suspicious male hitchhiking; A County 16 caller in the Laporte area wanted to talk to an officer regarding “a BCA thing”;

Aug. 21: A pickup was reported ignoring a boat inspector; A State Hwy. 226 caller was suspicious about someone sitting on the opposite side of a sport-type motorbike parked next to a building for 10 minutes, possibly intoxicated;

Aug. 22: A Hart Lake Twp. caller reported a paddle boat washed ashore on Garfield Lake; A 470th St. caller in the Laporte area reported his ex threw all his stuff out in the yard and it got ruined; A Nevis caller wanted to speak with a deputy; A caller reported having child custody exchange issues; A County 80 caller reported two jet skis, driven by a male and a female about 18 years old, should have been in by 5 p.m. had not returned as of 8:27 p.m.;

Aug. 23: A County 80 caller who had no house keys requested officer assistance; A caller requested officer assistance getting property on U.S. Hwy. 71; A vehicle was reported abandoned on the road in Straight River Twp.; An ambulance was requested in Helga Twp. for a 4-year-old who kept almost passing out and said their ears hurt; A County 18 caller in the Park Rapids area reported damage to a mailbox; A White Oak Twp. caller reported issues regarding a neighbor; A 331st Ave. caller in the Laporte area reported an old trailer house and camper were dumped on his property;

Aug. 24: A caller reported teenagers being very loud and revving the engines of their trucks; A County 4 caller reported his neighbor was “flipping out,” yelling and screaming; A Hendrickson Twp. caller wanted some people removed from his property; A Rockwood Twp. caller complained that people were shooting at a nearby sand pit; A Nevis Twp. caller reported a suspicious Ford pickup was outside his home and caller heard a female screaming for help before the truck left; A caller reported fireworks in the area;

Aug. 25: A Helga Twp. caller reported suspicious activity; Officer assistance was requested on 406th St. regarding kids throwing rocks at a house and at cars; A Nevis caller reported a possible court order violation; A suspicious van was reported parked at the tree line all day with no one around; A County 33 caller in the Nevis area reported having issues with their landlord.

Traffic: Aug. 21: A caller in the Akeley area reported a pickup pulling a trailer that was not allowing caller to pass; A Mantrap Twp. caller reported a Chevy pickup being driven erratically pulled into his driveway;

Aug. 22: An Itasca State Park caller had questions about riding county rules for riding ATVs or side-by-sides; A vehicle was reported swerving all over the road before turning north on County 28;

Aug. 23: A Ford F-150 was reported stalled on the roadway; A truck was reported losing its load; A passenger car was reported passing in no-passing areas and driving recklessly; A Hyundai Sonata with five occupants was reported driving erratically and too fast for conditions;

Aug. 24: A caller complained about a Saturn pulling out in front of him;

Aug. 25: Assistance was requested for an RV stuck in sand.