Level 3 sex offender Chad A. Mikiska was released back into Wadena June 20, according to an update by the Wadena Police Department.

Mikiska, 34, will reside on the 100 block of Bryant Avenue Southeast.

According to a notification from the Wadena County Sheriff’s Office, Mikiska, 34, was released from incarceration June 20 and was registered as a predatory offender, Risk Level III. According to Minnesota Statutes 244.052, subdivision 3, Risk Level III is assigned to “an offender whose risk assessment score indicates a high risk of reoffense.”

The sheriff’s notification fact sheet states that Mikiska had sex with a female teenager who was known to him. The investigating agency was the New Prague Police Department.

Mikiska is under the supervision of Chris Bruflat, an Intensive Supervised Release agent with the Minnesota Department of Corrections office in Detroit Lakes, according to the fact sheet.

Mikiska is described as a white male, 5 foot 7 inches tall, weighing 229 pounds, with a fair complexion, blue eyes, brown hair and a large build.

The fact sheet notes that:

  • Mikiska has served his sentence and is transitioning to the community. 
  • Notification is intended not to increase fear but to raise public awareness. 
  • Law enforcement may not tell Mikiska where he may or may not live, work or study.
  • Registration requirements give law enforcement the ability offenders’ movements after their release, and the Community Notification Act allows them to share information about some offenders with the public. However, abuse of this information to threaten, harass or intimidate a registered person is unacceptable and could have serious legal consequences.