Accidents: Aug. 15: A vehicle hit a dump truck; A vehicle needed to be towed but there were no injuries after it hit a deer;

Aug. 18: An accident was reported.

Animal Related: Aug. 15: A caller reported four or five black cows loose on the roadway;

Aug. 16: A large black cow was reported loose on County 3 in heavy fog; A 219th Ave. caller reported an unknown dog being a nuisance at their residence; A dog attacked a duck at the Nevis swimming beach and both animals went in the water; A black cow was reported out of the pasture; A deer hit on County 6 needed to be dispatched

Aug. 18: Four large cows and one small calf were reported loose on the roadway; A Farden Twp. caller believed her neighbor’s dog was being neglected; A caller reported multiple horses appearing to be severely malnourished; Five horses were reported loose on the roadway; A County 3 caller reported a bull in their yard.

Assaults/Harassment: Aug. 15: A Nevis caller reported that someone violated the order against her; A County 33 caller said his ex-girlfriend punched him, scratched him and pulled his hair; A 470th St. caller said her ex entered her residence while she was not there, and there is an order for protection between them.

Burglaries/Theft: Aug. 15: A TV and a grill were reported stolen from a park model in Lakeport Twp., with no apparent forced entry; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller reported an old fuse box stolen; A kitchen-patio door burglar alarm was activated on 204th St.; A County 12 caller believed someone stole checks out of their mailbox and tried using them;

Aug. 17: A commercial burglar alarm was activated on State Hwy. 34 in the Akeley area; A Lakeport Twp. caller reported a cabin and shed were broken into and numerous items were stolen; A County 93 caller reported two chainsaws and numerous other items stolen from a residence; A residential front-door burglar alarm was activated in Lake Emma Twp.; A residential burglar alarm was activated in Hubbard;

Aug. 18: An Arago Twp. caller reported a 9-mm handgun stolen during the night out of the glove box of a side-by-side ATV; An Arago Twp. caller reported his boat stolen off his dock on Potato Lake; An Akeley caller reported someone tried to pay with a check that seemed fraudulent, then took off without paying.

Fires: Aug. 15: Bemidji Fire Dept. did a carbon monoxide check at a Helga Twp. residence;

Aug. 17: A commercial fire alarm and classroom smoke detector were activated at the Itasca State Park visitors center.

Medical: Aug. 15: An ambulance was requested on 406th St. for shortness of breath;

Aug. 16: A Park Rapids caller requested assistance after falling; An ambulance was requested on County 44 for a 39-year-old male who fell and couldn’t get up; An ambulance was requested on 299th Ave. for a 53-year-old female having chest pains; An ambulance was requested in Henrietta Twp. for a patient who pulled out their catheter;

Aug. 17: An ambulance was requested on County 113 for a 96-year-old male who fell and bumped his head; An ambulance was requested on State Hwy. 64 near Laporte for a female in her 60s who collapsed at a food court;

Aug. 18: An ambulance was requested on County 16 in the Laporte area for a 27-year-old male who was very ill, sweating a lot and having stomach pain; Akeley First Response requested an ambulance for an Enduro rider who may have broken an arm; An ambulance was requested on 323rd Ave. for a male in his 60s who had fallen and felt out of sorts; An ambulance was requested on 275th Ave. for someone who fell off a horse and sustained head, rib and shoulder injuries; An ambulance was requested in Crow Wing Lake Twp. for a male with a high fever, not feeling well.

Miscellaneous: Aug. 15: A 470th St. caller was suspicious after a neighbor called and caller could hear doors opening and closing outside; A 470th St. caller requested assistance retrieving property from a person with an active order for protection against him; One person was arrested in Park Rapids for a probation violation; A caller was suspicious about an unoccupied vehicle parked on the side of the road; A caller wanted an officer present while she dropped off property at her ex-husband’s 219th Ave. residence to ensure he remains civil; Resort checks were requested at two Big Sand Lake addresses; A Hubbard caller reported their girlfriend was destroying the house;

Aug. 16: A female requested a ride home from a bar in Farden Twp. but hung up when asked for her name; The Bemidji Co-op Association requested law enforcement presence while repossessing a propane tank at a 440th St. residence to ensure the occupants remain civil; A Hubbard Twp. caller reported an abandoned car pushed off the roadway and into the ditch on Aug. 12; A house check was requested on County 107; A Guthrie Twp. caller reported a suspicious male walking around caller’s residence, asking caller if she wanted to fight; Warnings were issued for non-possession of a fishing license; A County 89 caller was suspicious about a white van that pulled up to mailbox, opened and closed it and drove away; A caller wanted to speak to a deputy about buoy placement on Big Sand Lake; A Nevis caller complained about denial of parental rights regarding issues with a custody exchange;

Aug. 17: An Akeley caller described a woman washing a car with a squeegee at a gas pump, possibly under the influence of something, while children were in the car for over an hour; An officer responded to a submerged boat at a dock off County 18; A warning was issued for non-possession of a fishing license; A security guard on County 3 reported a suspicious SUV went through the gate, drove around the lot and was last sean headed toward Becida; A caller asked officers to check his residence on 380th St. after his girlfriend called and said someone was banging on the front door and windows;

Aug. 18: An open 911 call came from a cell phone located off County 23 near Akeley; A caller found a motorcycle in the ditch, covered with plastic and vegetation; Officers helped a Morrison County officer contact the 247th Ave. owner of a possibly stolen license plate; A 190th St. caller wanted an officer present while he removed a trailer from his former residence; A caller wanted assistance picking up property on 470th St.; Itasca State Park staff reported two cars parked at Douglas Lodge with one person in a vehicle and the others walking, all apparently intoxicated; A County 5 caller wanted to speak with a deputy regarding a property exchange.

Traffic: Aug. 15: A vehicle was reported passing on a shoulder and driving approximately 60 mph in a 45-mph zone; A tractor pulling a baler was reportedly obstructing traffic; A covered trailer reportedly lost a tire along the road and continued driving; A driving complaint was reported;

Aug. 16: A vehicle was reported swerving on the road and driving at varying speed; An officer assisted a vehicle that was apparently smoking on the side of the road; A minivan was reported swerving all over the road; A warning was issued for towing without a spotter; An officer assisted a motorist; An officer assisted a boater in distress; A boater reported having motor issues and requested help getting back to a resort;

Aug. 17: A Jet Ski operator did not stop for a water inspector when removing vehicle from the lake, and had a leak in his Jet Ski; A caller complained about vehicles going too fast on County 1 since road construction ended; Officers assisted with traffic control for a veterans motorcycle ride passing through Hubbard County; A Nevis Twp. caller complained about Jet Skis coming too close to a swimming beach; Warnings were issued for towing without a spotter and operating watercraft too close to shore; A caller complained about an SUV driving at high speed; A caller reported a roadway damaged by ATVs; A caller reported a car broken down on the side of the road, possibly a crash hazard; A driving complaint was passed on from the State Patrol;

Aug. 18: A semi was reported driving on the side of the highway, hauling hay bales that were not strapped down; A Nevis Twp. caller reported an ATV going up and down the road with small children on it, breaking the speed limit; A vehicle was reported swerving all over the road, hitting the rumble strips and crossing the line multiple times.