Accidents: Aug. 9: Airbags deployed and a tow was needed after a vehicle vs. deer collision; A two-vehicle accident was reported.

Animal Related: Aug. 8: A caller reported pinkish pigs loose on the road and into the woods; A 269th Ave. caller reported a deer acting strangely and walking in circles in the field next to caller’s residence; A Nevis caller reported a bear was in his yard, last seen walking toward the school;

Aug. 9: A black cow was reported loose in the ditch; A 167th Ave. caller said her son was bitten by a dog, leaving deep puncture wounds;

Aug. 10: A Henrietta Twp. caller reported a dog in a vehicle with the windows cracked for the past 45 minutes to an hour; A caller reporting finding a dog on the side of U.S. Hwy. 71 and bringing it to a nearby residence, whose occupants accepted the dog; A Clay Twp. caller reported seeing a “huge” black bear on a neighbor’s property;

Aug. 11: An injured bear was reported in the ditch.

Assaults/Harassment: Aug. 8: A County 29 caller reported receiving threats via phone;

Aug. 9: A Park Rapids caller complained about someone trying to punch her;

Aug. 10: A County 89 caller reported that a male threw a female to the floor, and caller feared it would get worse when they left; A 269th Ave. caller reported ongoing problems with a person who was now sending threats via text messages.

Burglaries/Theft: Aug. 8: A possible scam was reported in Lake Emma Twp.; A 159th Ave. caller reported a scam from Apple Inc.; An entry-exit alarm was activated on 115th Ave.;

Aug. 9: A 315th Ave. caller returned home after being away for 29 days and found her house in disarray;

Aug. 10: A kitchen door alarm, two living room alarms and a porch door alarm were activated on County 38; A Lakeport Twp. caller arrived at his cabin last night and found the shed door lock broken but nothing was taken; A Lake George caller reported a $31 gas driveoff, describing a female driving toward Kabekona on U.S. Hwy. 71; A hold-up alarm was activated in Rockwood Twp.; A duress alarm was activated on 444th St.; A 380th St. caller requested extra patrols for a male against whom caller said they have a protection order due to previous issues, saying the male was threatening to come by, though dispatch could not locate such an order;

Aug. 11: A Nevis caller reported something suspicious; A Park Rapids caller requested assistance retrieving her cell phone from a residence; A Todd Twp. caller said she thought she needed assistance, then wouldn’t answer any questions and hung up; A County 80 caller was suspicious about a truck in their driveway with a male driver who didn’t move when caller knocked on window; A Park Rapids caller wanted to retrieve some property and keys; A boat was reported stolen in Akeley.

Fires: Aug. 8: A basement smoke alarm was activated in Mantrap Twp., but homeowner called to report it was just smoke from cooking and all was well;

Aug. 11: A car on fire was reported on State Hwy. 64.

Medical: Aug. 8: An ambulance was requested in Crow Wing Lake Twp. for a 74-year-old male who fell and possibly broke his hip; An ambulance was requested in Todd Twp. for a possible hip location; An ambulance was requested on 200th St. for a possible heart attack;

Aug. 9: An ambulance was requested in Schoolcraft Twp. for a male who fell a couple days ago and was hurting and having trouble breathing; An ambulance was requested in Akeley Twp. when a male fell and became stuck between a wheelchair and a patio door; A caller reported that her vehicle broke down Aug. 4 on State Hwy. 87 and she asked a homeowner if she could leave it in his driveway, he said yes, and it was gone on Aug. 5; An ambulance was requested in Henrietta Twp. for a resident who pulled out a catheter; An ambulance was requested on County 45 for an elderly female who fell and injured her shoulder;

Aug. 10: An ambulance was requested in Clay Twp. for a 60-year-old male having chest pains;

Aug. 11: An ambulance was requested at a Ford Focus regarding a male with chest pains; A medical alarm button was pressed on County 16 due to nausea and heart flutters; An ambulance was requested on 240th St. for someone with no history of seizures having an active seizure for five minutes.

Miscellaneous: Aug. 8: A caller on the Hubbard-Wadena county line reported hearing gunshots for the past hour; A Farden Twp. caller reported several people were in the park/boat launch after hours;

Aug. 9: A 911 call came in from a Hubbard Twp. location but only breathing was heard and when called back, it went straight to voicemail; A suspicious female was described carrying a bunch of bags and looking intoxicated; A State Hwy. 34 caller reported seeing someone walking around caller’s yard via camera; Officers moved swim buoys back to the proper area; A County 6 property owner wanted an officer to see whether the tenants were still in the house or not; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller reported a plane repeatedly flying over Eagle Lake and the cabins at very low altitude; Resort checks were requested on County 13 and in Nevis Twp.; A caller was suspicious about three vehicles parked along the edge of a field; A State Hwy. 34 caller in the Nevis area complained about noise being “extra loud today”; A County 29 caller reported an issue with a customer for whom caller is building a camper; An anonymous caller reported possible gunshots or fireworks coming from a 190th St. location; An officer assisted a motorist on the side of the road;

Aug. 10: A person was reported hitting golf balls at deputies in Laporte; A 498th St. caller requested assistance picking up a child for visitation; Officers patrolled a triathlon; A large group of boats was reported playing loud music all day long on Potato Lake; A Lakeport Twp. caller complained about neighbors shooting guns and cannons for the past 3.5 hours; A Todd Twp. caller reported engines revving at a nearby house throughout the night;

Aug. 11: A County 18 caller reported mailbox damage; A County 80 caller had questions about trespassing.

Traffic: Aug. 8: A Hyundai was reported swerving all over the road; An officer assisted with a disabled vehicle;

Aug. 9: A dump truck was reported losing its load; Two pickups were reported driving erratically; A Henrietta Twp. caller complained about neighbors with a side-by-side tearing up a township road; A caller complained about someone putting posts in the middle of an ATV trail; A boater who ran out of gas requested officer assistance; People on two ATVs were reported trespassing and tearing up a lot; A jetski complaint was reported; Two jet skiers were reported on the lake after hours; A motorist was reported swerving and driving erratically; A hitchhiker was described on County 4 south of Emmaville;

Aug. 10: A Dodge truck was reported swerving all over the road; Someone was reported walking all over the road on State Hwy. 34, seven miles outside of town; A Subaru Impreza was reported forcing another car off the road; Two older ATVs were reported tearing up a county road in Straight River Twp.; A missing buoy was reported; A boat was reported pulling three tubers through a channel at high speed; A Toyota Tacoma was reported driving erratically; A Dodge truck was reported driving in both lanes, almost all over the road and at only 35 mph;

Aug. 11: An officer responded to a vehicle with its four-way flashers on; A Park Rapids caller reported a jet ski complaint; A vehicle with Alabama plates was reported speeding and cutting someone off.