A Lake George woman was sentenced to 74 months in state prison for slitting the throat of an acquaintance at his Laporte home in July.

Janelle Nicole Rex, 33, appeared in Hubbard County District Court on Monday.

According to the criminal complaint, on the afternoon of July 21, Larry Holm was sitting in a recliner talking on the phone when he felt Rex come up behind him. Holm reported that Rex said nothing prior to cutting his throat from left to right.

Holm asked Rex, "What the hell did you do to me?" the complaint said, at which point Rex said "I'm sorry" before trying to stab Holm in the abdomen. Holm said Rex was smiling while she apologized.

After Holm knocked the knife out of Rex's hand, she allegedly picked up the weapon and fled the house.

Holm called law enforcement, who arrived at his home to find him sitting in the recliner with towels wrapped around his neck. His neck wound ran from ear to ear, required 20-plus stitches and narrowly missed his carotid artery.

Rex was located on a nearby road and arrested.

According to the complaint, Holm said that Rex, who used to date his son, is homeless and sometimes stays at nearby residences, including his house. The pair had had a "brief disagreement" over some appliances, he said, and "didn't particularly like each other."

In November, Rex plead guilty and was convicted of first-degree assault great bodily harm, which is a felony. A second-degree, unpremeditated, attempted murder charge and a second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon charge were dismissed.

At court on Monday, Rex said, "I want to apologize for my actions, and hope and pray Larry and God can forgive me."

Given the chance to make a victim impact statement, Holm said he had spoken to Rex "many times" over the past few months. "I'm pretty proud of her facing up to her actions," he said. "This act she did to me is the most cold thing I've ever seen."

Holm told the judge he has scars.

The judge accepted Rex's plea agreement for first-degree assault.

Rex will be transferred to a Minnesota Correctional Facility in Shakopee to serve two-thirds of the 74-month sentence in prison and one-third on supervised release. She was given credit for 170 days in jail. Rex will be required to pay restitution, which was left open for 90 days.