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White Earth Tribal Council member speaks out after receiving death threats

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OGEMA, Minn. — The White Earth Tribal Council says one of its members is getting death threats and it addressed the situation by making a Facebook Live video.

The target of the threats, Alan Roy, was elected to the Tribal Council in June.

Roy said that in recent months, four people have made threats against him and/or criminally harassed his wife and three young kids.

Roy said in one instance, a person has been charged with making terroristic threats for allegedly threatening to choke him and to put an ax through his head.

Roy has an active restraining order against that individual, he said.

Roy also said he's never experienced such hatred, not even during his 10-plus years in the armed forces.

"When my son asks me why these men are calling his mother unforgivable names, treating his younger siblings with disgust and disrespect and threatening his father's life, I tell my son that is not the way of our Anishinaabe people,” Roy said.

Roy believes the animosity directed toward him and his family has been orchestrated by political figures, but he would not name who he believes is behind those alleged plans.