DETROIT LAKES, Minn.-An Alexandria man has been charged in Becker County District court after he allegedly led a deputy on a dangerous high-speed chase Saturday afternoon in and around Detroit Lakes and then fought with officers..

Christopher Paul Elliott, 33, was allegedly driving a vehicle that was moving "all over the road and into oncoming traffic" on Highway 34 in Becker County, according to a complaint received by Becker County Sheriff's Dispatch at 1:48 p.m. Saturday.

A deputy caught up to the vehicle and observed it as it traveled west on Highway 34, and Elliott was allegedly "moving around inside the vehicle while driving."

Elliott turned into a business parking lot of Highway 34 and the deputy followed, turning on his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop. Eliott allegedly slowed down, but continued moving around inside the vehicle, then yelled obscenities at the deputy through the driver's window.

The deputy activated his siren and air horn to indicate to Elliott to stop the vehicle, but Elliott allegedly yelled "you want a pursuit, let's go!"

He then made an abrupt U-turn and sped out of the parking lot, turning westbound on Highway 34 while driving in the eastbound lane. He drove towards Detroit Lakes at speeds in excess of 90 mph.

He allegedly sped through a red traffic light and later went through another red light, striking the front end of another vehicle and causing extensive damage to that vehicle.

He continued into nearby neighborhood. The pursuing deputy had to execute a PIT maneuver to force his vehicle to a stop. The deputy ordered Elliott to show his hands, but Elliott allegedly swore at him and said " shoot me, then." He continued moving around inside the vehicle and ignored the deputy's commands to show his hands. He was allegedly belligerent and not compliant.

Other officers arrived, and after some time, Elliott complied and offered his right arm out the window. Officers placed handcuffs on him, as he allegedly continued to resist and fight.

He stated numerous times to officers that "he was going to fight them," and "it was going to get ugly." He was arrested and transported to Essentia St. Mary's emergency department in Detroit Lakes.

On Monday, District Judge Gretchen Thilmony issued an order of detention.

Elliott has a half-dozen non-felony prior offenses dating back to 2011, for things like speeding, domestic assault, and fleeing a police officer on foot-most recently for speeding last month in Pope County.