Courts 10-20

Sept. 5 Cody Allen Paulson: 18, of Park Rapids, seatbelt violation, $102. Sept. 17 Randall Scott Burmayer: 52, of Laporte, collision with unattended vehicle - fail to notify victim or police, $132. Sept. 26 Alice Marion Hammett: 63, of Laporte, D...

Sept. 5

Cody Allen Paulson: 18, of Park Rapids, seatbelt violation, $102.

Sept. 17

Randall Scott Burmayer: 52, of Laporte, collision with unattended vehicle - fail to notify victim or police, $132.

Sept. 26


Alice Marion Hammett: 63, of Laporte, DWI - refusal to submit to test, $507.

Clinton Patrick Claflin: 42, of Park Rapids, 2nd degree burglary, 180 days in prison.

Vernon Dale Howard Sr.: 41, of Deer River, 5th degree assault and 4th degree assault, 188 days in jail.

Oct. 1

Judith Lavonne Johnson: 66, of Bemidji, DWI, $607.

Gordon Edward Morrill: 60, of Akeley, DWI, $607.

Teresa May Hilden: 24, of Bemidji, disorderly conduct, $182.

Eric Eugene Edwards: 20, of Osage, 3rd degree burglary, $582 and 40 hours community service.


Oct. 3

Justin Ronald Schmickle: 22, of Bemidji, domestic assault, $382.

Kurtis Andrew Jackson: 19, of Brooklyn Center, minor consuming, $182.

Joshua Jeffery Hensel: 28, of Park Rapids, failure to stop at entrance of through highway, $127.

Gordon Kenneth Johnson: 47, of Bemidji, speeding, $117.

Craig Allen Meschke: 45, of Andover, speeding, $137.

Oct. 4

Michael Monroe Carney: 55, of International Falls, speeding, $217.


Terrence James Jagiel: 66, of Deerfield Beach, FL, speeding, $117.

Cynthia Jean Welch Tangeman: 59, of Bemidji, speeding, $117.

Mark Anthony Bulalacao: 25, of Sauk Rapids, speeding, $117.

Kevin David McMorrow: 16, of Park Rapids, driving without a valid license, $182.

Oct. 8

Michael John Burbank: 44, of Nevis, driving after cancellation, $182.

Mark Joel Hamilton: 55, of Guthrie, disorderly conduct, $307.

David Herbert Martini: 64, of St. Cloud, 3rd degree damage to property, $225.

Aaron Mathew Stith: 27, of Isanti, violate federal regulations on migratory game birds, $122.

Jesse James Johnson: 26, of Laporte, driving after suspension, $182.

Robert Lawrence Hamm: 35, of Garrison, DWI, $682.

Tony Ray Zachary Jr.: 25, of Park Rapids, DWI, $607.

Johnathon William Dobbelaere: 25, of Park Rapids, 4th degree DWI, $607.

Sean Michael Ferguson: 18, of Menahga, failure to stop for accident to property, $1,282 and $3,419.20 restitution.

Greg Lee Miller: 22, of Park Rapids, DWI, $607.

Justin Jon Olafson: 26, of Park Rapids, speeding and careless driving (stay of adjudication), $477.

Machell Ann Wiltse: 41, of Laporte, DWI and failure to notify owner of damaged property (stay of adjudication), $482 and $141.93 restitution.

Misty Rose Salazar: 23, of Park Rapids, school bus stop arm violation, $282.

Adam Joseph Schwartz: 22, of Parkers Prairie, 4th degree DWI, $607.

Michael Nicholas Thelen: 34, of Park Rapids, driving after suspension, $100.

Cassandra Ann Cloud: 19, of Park Rapids, theft and minor consuming, $808.

Oct. 9

Travis John Long-Voelkner: 17, of Bemidji, speeding, $117.

Alice Sue Poncelet: 33, of Park Rapids, driving after suspension, $200.

Oct. 10

Peter Joseph Hamell: 37, of Hermantown, speeding, $117.

Jeffrey Allen Olson: 46, of Bemidji, land use trespass, $100.

Oct. 11

Martin Alexander Bevis: 24, of St. Paul, speeding, $117.

David Lee Feerhusen: 59, of Maple Plain, speeding, $117.

Jared Dale Everson: 30, of Watertown, SD, transportation of firearms, $182.

Joel Michael Wylof: 27, of Grand Forks, angling without a license, $182.

Julitta Marie Brambrink: 21, of Blackduck, speeding, $127.

Jeffrey Wayne Brandenburg: 41, of Park Rapids, seatbelt violation, $102.

David Howard Falconer: 41, of St. Cloud, speeding, $127.

David Lee Hedin: 48, of Darwin, speeding, $137.

Dennis Ray Hooper: 53, of Ardmore, OK, speeding, $117.

Timothy Dave Johanning: 51, of Park Rapids, vehicle weight limitations, $182.

Bryan Michael Karr: 19, of Maple Grove, speeding, $127.

Chelsey Linn Larson: 21, of Lakeville, speeding, $117.

Chastine K. Netland: 30, of Minneapolis, speeding, $117.

Jack Leonard Slovick: 45, of Oak Grove, speeding, $117.

Matthew Allen Thoreson: 25, of Bemidji, speeding, $127.

Jesse Robert Westberg: 18, of Walker, speeding, $127.

Ivory D. Amerson Jr.: 28, of Park Rapids, theft, $232.

Kyle Dean Odland: 18, of Menahga, exhibition driving, $117.

Oct. 12

Michael Conrad Johnson: 26, of Mounds View, careless driving, $182.

Chad Dwaine Johnson: 44, of Burnsville, speeding, $137.

Jennifer Lee Williams: 25, of Hastings, speeding, $137.

Oct. 15

Brian Alexander Bakken: 36, of Bemidji, speeding, $117.

Joseph Michael Broughton: 31, of Menahga, speeding, $217.

John David Fisher: 50, of South St. Paul, speeding, $137.

Gregory Allan Lee: 41, of Andover, speeding, $137.

Matthew Eugene Jordan: 24, of Park Rapids, possession small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, four days community service.

? Editor's note: Ages and other information omitted were not entered in court data.

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