County commissioners receive Land Survey yearly report

Ryan Miller, from the Hubbard County Land Survey Department, presented the Hubbard County Board of Commissioners with a 2016 progress report at the regular board meeting held last week. According to Miller, the total monumentation in Hubbard Coun...

Ryan Miller, from the Hubbard County Land Survey Department, presented the Hubbard County Board of Commissioners with a 2016 progress report at the regular board meeting held last week.
According to Miller, the total monumentation in Hubbard County is 3,677 total corners. Of those 2,907 are certified or in the process of being certified. They set 130 new boundary monuments this year and reset 36 monuments after the completion of road construction along County Road 4. Monumentation is intended to establish a permanent marking of property lines.

"As far as GPS coordinates, we're trying to get coordinates on all of the monuments so if there becomes an issue with one being destroyed or sometimes people tear them out we could easily replace them and put one back in," Miller said, also explaining losing markers that have been tied to trees during logging or storm damage can often times be an issue as well. "When we have coordinates on the corners it's not as big of an issue, but we'd still like to know. Especially on the ones we don't have coordinates on."
So far, the Land Survey Department has GPS coordinates on 2,766 corners with final locations. They placed 20 new coordinates from maintenance done this year and they still have 141 certified corners that do not have coordinates.
In 2016, they completed monumentation in Farden and Helga Townships. The corners are not certified yet, but they are all in place. They did 25 surveys that required survey work and subdivision of one or more sections to establish property lines. They examined and wrote four easements for Public Works and examined several survey related issues for Environmental Services, the attorney's office and the recorder's office.
Looking ahead to 2017, they plan to complete more monumentation in two townships in Hubbard County and continue to make strides to update their website for the general public.
In other business the county commissioners:

• Set the commissioner per diem at $85 per day for attending meetings and increased their yearly salary by $400 to $22,700.

• Approved a salary increase of $2,000 for the Hubbard County Attorney for a yearly salary of $109,000.

• Approved the Hubbard County Sheriff's 2017 salary of $95,100 which is a $4,100 increase.


• Adopted Amendment #4 to the Hubbard County Subdivision Ordinance #35 after holding a public hearing prior to the regular board meeting to include minor subdivisions and allow a simple procedure for the subdivision of properties. The changes go into effect at the beginning of 2017.

• Adopted a resolution approving an application from the Park Rapids American Legion Post 212 to conduct off-site gambling on Fish Hook Lake on Feb. 4, 2017.

• Adopted a resolution accepting a donation on behalf of the Veteran Services Office from the Fargo Veteran's Cemetery.

• Approved various license applications for Holiday, Woodland Store in Lake George, Dollar General, Clancys on Island Lake, 71 Bottles, Long Lake Theater, Becida Bar & Grill, Zhateau Zorbaz, Eagle View Golf Course, Hilltop Inn, Foxy's Bar & Grill, Harold Harris VFW in Akeley, Stompin Grounds, Dorset Chick'n Coop Restaurant and Backwoods Bar & Grill.

• Granted Public Works permission to prepare documents for the advertisement and letting for projects included in the five-year approved road plan, including CSAH 14, CSAH 18, CSAH 48, CSAH 9, CSAH 45, CR 80, CR 82 and CR 107.

• Granted Public Works permission to accept quotes for the acquisition of equipment rental, gasoline, diesel, culverts, aggregate and bituminous materials, pavement marking, half-ton pickups, motor grader, pneumatic roller, lease tractor and bat-wing mower and signs and posts for 2017 which will come back for further approval.

• Granted permission to prepare proposals and advertise for aggregate surfacing contracts for 2017.

• Approved the Solid Waste 2017 tip fee schedule with no additions or changes from last year.


• Approved the purchase of land in Fern Township in the amount of $1,018.04 to clear tax-forfeited land.

• Approved a quote from Vogts Dirt Service, LLC out of Walker, Minn. for concrete grinding in the amount of $5.50 per cubic yard with a $5,000 mobilization charge. Assistant County Engineer, Jed Nordin estimated that there is roughly 10,000 cubic yards worth of concrete.

• Heard from Jim Stengrim, a local insurance agent in Park Rapids, that asked the commissioners to consider changing their health plan administrator. He stated that the current administrator is no longer operating within in the county. "When you have a local agent, it allows your employees to have someone to contact right here," Stengrim said. "Let's keep our money local, why send it out?" The commissioners agreed to take it under advisement and discuss it further.

• Adopted a resolution approving the 2017 Hubbard County Veteran Services Office Operational Improvement Grant Program in the amount of $10,000 to help provide transportation for Hubbard County veterans to medical appointments as well as conducting outreach.

• Were given a report on the Hubbard County Compliance Fund, as required by Minnesota statute. The balance of the Recorder's Compliance Fund as of Oct. 31 was $271,288.46.

• Approved the 2017 county board meeting schedule and the 2017 county board work session schedule.

• Adopted a resolution setting the 2017 committee per diems at $50 per half day and $75 per full day with a meeting less than four hours duration including travel time to be considered a half day.

• Approved the 2017 mileage rate to be set at the IRS rate, which has yet to be established.


• Approved the 2017 meal allowance to be the same as 2016; $7 breakfast, $10 lunch, $15 dinner.

• Approved the 2017 wage adjustment for non-union and department managers with a two percent increase.

The next Hubbard County board meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on Dec. 20 at the Hubbard County Government Center.

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