County affirms support of 2nd Amendment

County commissioners unanimously approved a resolution declaring the county’s “deep commitment to the Constitutional rights of all citizens of Hubbard County, including the individual right to keep and bear arms,”

The resolution calls Hubbard County a “2nd Amendment dedicated county.”

At their April 21 meeting, the board asked for any public comment.

Flo Hedeen said, “I do not see that there is any danger for infringement, if we are indeed honoring the Constitution of the United States. I see no need for further regulation from the county on this issue.”

Ed Becker remarked that he has a permit to carry. “I think the reason this resolution is important to our county is it is our right and it shouldn’t be infringed on, but state by state, it gets attacked every year.”


Eric Adkins asked that a line about the county expressing “its intent that public funds of the county not be appropriated specifically to infringe on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens of Hubbard County” be returned to the resolution.

County Attorney Jonathan Frieden explained that the line about funding was stricken because it is unconstitutional. “That is a violation of separation of powers,” he said. “The county attorney, sheriff and board are all elected,” with the board being the legislative branch and the attorney and sheriff the executive branch.

“The board, in my opinion, does not have the authority to pick and choose what we enforce through the budget,” Frieden said.

Liz Stone echoed Becker’s comments. “Those of us that advocate for this feel that being able to protect yourself and not relying on the government to do so is probably what’s driving these efforts,” she said.

County commissioner Tom Krueger said the resolution is not an additional regulation. “It’s just a massage that we support the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment. That doesn’t change anything, other than making a statement, and that’s why I would support it as its currently written.”

Shannon Geisen is editor of the Park Rapids Enterprise.
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