County 40 bridge design moves forward

Bridge replacement on County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 40 will proceed as designed, despite a petition.

Hubbard County Public Works Coordinator Jed Nordin discussed the matter with county commissioners at their Dec. 17 meeting.

“The bridge was initially designed in 2014,” he said of Bridge No. 29502 over Eagle River. “It’s finally to the point where we have funding. As you all know, we did receive that petition regarding building the bridge differently than planned.”

Nordin, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources staff and county commissioner David De La Hunt inspected the bridge.

“We’ve actually got quite a bit of clearance on that bridge. We exceed the DNR’s minimum requirements for navigation,” Nordin said, noting the DNR has a three-foot minimum clearance based on the 50-year flood stage.


Based on inspection data, Nordin said this bridge has between a 4.9- and 5.9-foot clearance.

De La Hunt said he spoke to a couple petitioners who felt the extra foot was sufficient.

Nordin recommended that the county board approve the current design. “I think it’ll be navigable for most, if not all, of the boats,” he said. “Right now is the highest water we’ve seen in a long time, and we still meet that clearance.”

Board consensus was to move forward with the existing plan. Estimated cost is $550,000, with state aid covering $325,000 and bonding $225,000.

In related business, the county board did approved timber appraisals for the Jan. 6 auction. Ten parcels, totaling 340.5 acres, will be in the auction.

Shannon Geisen is editor of the Park Rapids Enterprise.
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