Corvette club cools its wheels in Dorset

Passersby took an appreciative look, shot pictures, and talked about the fun of touring the north country while club members shared their love of Corvettes, 2003 to present.

Members of the Fargo-based Northern Lights Corvette Club cruised their way to Dorset on Saturday, where 22 Corvettes parked in the village. (Robin Fish/Enterprise)

A convoy of 22 Chevrolet Corvettes came to Dorset on Saturday.

The Northern Lights Corvette Club of Fargo made the trip, stopping for lunch and a display of automotive artistry.

Packing the parking areas, the Corvettes overflowed the space available, forcing one club member to park across the highway.

Club member Tim Nielsen said the love of Corvettes brought the club together in 2003, and they have “no leaders, no rules, no dues.”

Nielsen said the Corvettes in Saturday’s tour ranged from 2003 models to one that was newly purchased last Thursday.


“There are two now with the new C8,” said club member Jeanne Gilge, pointing out the brand-new models parked next to each other.

Gilge described driving a Corvette as “fun, awesome.”

Nielsen said they have the luxury of a Cadillac but handle better.

Asked about custom touches added to the club’s Corvettes, Nielsen said, “Our group is a more mature group, so it isn’t a lot of mechanics who beef them up, so 90 percent of them are probably stock.”

Lunch hour visitors at Dorset’s restaurants and shops stopped for an appreciative look, some of them shooting pictures of the group of cars.

“It’s a great group,” said Greg Miller of Plato, Minn. “They’re out to have a good time and see the north country.”

Miller, who owns a 1971 Camaro, said, “These are a lot nicer touring cars. It’d be great to have. It’d be fun.”


Robin Fish is a staff reporter at the Park Rapids Enterprise. Contact him at or 218-252-3053.
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