Century kindergartners gather to gobble

Annual Thanksgiving feast actually encourages the elementary school's littlest students to talk among themselves.

All seven sections of kindergartners sat together for the Thanksgiving feast, giving them an opportunity to talk and get to know each other. (Robin Fish/Enterprise)

Sometimes you’re the pilgrim, sometimes you’re the turkey. Century School kindergartners wore handmade headwear modeled after both characters in the original Thanksgiving story during their Thanksgiving feast on Tuesday.

In addition, many of the youngsters modeled crowns decorated with sparkly letters spelling “Thankful.”

“The kids love this,” said kindergarten teacher Jennifer Michaelson. “They look forward to it every year.”

Michaelson said the kindergarten Thanksgiving feast has been a Century School tradition for about five years.


Kindergartners wearing turkey headdresses, pilgrim hats and "thankful" crowns enjoy a kid-friendly Thanksgiving feast Tuesday at Century School. (Robin Fish/Enterprise)

“All seven sections get together as a whole entire kindergarten,” she said, “and we share in kindergarten-friendly foods.”

The menu included “Cuties” (which are clementine mandarins at this time of year), string cheese, ham, crackers, baby carrots, chocolate chips and juice. Classmates from different rooms were urged to talk together and tell each other their names.

“We invite parents to join as well,” said Michaelson. “They set the table for us, and they get to come and gather with their children.”

Kindergarten buddies Brighton Berg and Henry Mack wear thankful smiles and crowns while sharing the feast. (Robin Fish/Enterprise)

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