Car owners to discuss merits of electric vehicles

Dan and Chris Wilde and Alan Kriz will share their experiences as owners of electric vehicles at a special League of Women Voters program June 16 in Park Rapids.

Alan Kriz is excited to talk about his electric car. (Submitted photo, courtesy of League of Women Voters Park Rapids Area, June 5, 2021)

The League of Women Voters Park Rapids Area (LWVPRA) is hosting an educational program on electric cars at 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 16 at Pavilion 3 in Heartland Park.

The event is free and open to the public.

A “hot topic” facing citizens today is whether and how to support a transition from gas-powered vehicles to all-electric cars. At LWVPRA’s event, local electric car owners Dan and Chris Wilde and Alan Kriz will talk about their experiences with the technology.

“When we purchased our first BEV (battery electric vehicle) in 2015, there was not as much choice of affordable cars,” said Dan Wilde. “We found a Nissan Leaf dealer near our home (in California) that had a great sale on at the time. We test drove the car and liked it, so we made our purchase.

“For the Tesla, I did extensive reading on the internet about the car and also got to test drive our neighbor’s Tesla. Tesla was the only car at the time of our purchase that had a range greater than 300 miles. It also has a great nationwide supercharging system that makes long-distance travel more convenient.”


The public can ask questions about the two Teslas and three hybrid cars that will be in the parking area, so visitors can take a look.

The LWVPRA’s annual meeting will follow the event, and all are welcome to stay and learn more about the league. The agenda includes electing new officers, ratifying the league’s nonpartisan and diversity policies and voting on an annual budget.

For more information, including how to join the league (not for women only), email or visit

Chris Wilde and her husband Dan support the transition to renewable energy in multiple ways, including owning an electric vehicle. (Submitted photo, courtesy of League of Women Voters Park Rapids Area, June 5, 2021)

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