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Body found in Fargo grocery store parking lot for second time in two weeks

FARGO — A body was found in a car in a Fargo Hornbacher's grocery store parking lot Saturday morning, Feb. 9.

Police first responded to a call at 9 a.m. from a shopper at the 32nd Avenue Hornbacher's saying a man appeared to be slumped over in his car. When police arrived, they found a man believed to be in his 60s dead in his car, officials said. The man is believed to have died because of a medical condition, but police are still investigating.

No foul play is suspected and police are trying to identify the body so they can notify the deceased man's family.

This is the second body found in a car in a grocery store parking lot in a two-week time span, but Fargo Police Sgt. Collin Gnoinsky said the case is different from the January discovery of an elderly woman's body in a Cashwise parking lot in south Fargo.

Barbara Anne Barry, 65, was said to have been dead in her car for months before someone found her body on Jan. 30. In Saturday morning's case, security cameras caught the car arriving Friday afternoon.

The discovery of the bodies "just happened to be close together in time, but it's not something that's abnormal," Gnoinsky said.