The Park Rapids Area Library is gathering supplies for four to five “Yesteryear Kits.”

“These kits began as a way to provide support to our patrons that are living with dementia and their caregivers,” explained Mary Nicklaus, who is leading the project. “The Park Rapids Area Library is part of the dementia-friendly Park Rapids ACTION team, and this is one way we can support their efforts.”

Each kit will contain several theme resources with which to provide interaction between people living with dementia and their caregivers and help bridge communication and discussions.

“Our goal is to ‘tap’ into memories through pictures, music, movies and props,” Nicklaus said.

Below is a list of the themes of the library’s kits and some items they would like to include. Those willing to donate any of these props are asked to drop them off at the library, call 732-4966 or email

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  • plastic farm animals, authentic-looking if possible

  • a copy of a farm sale bill

  • elevator or implement information (pamphlets, brochures, pictures, sales catalogs, etc.) from the 1950s and 1960s.


  • a pair of gardening gloves (new or close to new)

  • small gardening hand spade (plastic is fine)

  • small watering can (no more than 8 inches high)

  • very small plastic flower pots (no more than 6 inches high)

  • variety of seed packs for gardening

  • a few silk flowers that would represent flowers from your garden (rose, sunflower, tulip, etc.)

  • plastic fruits and vegetables that would grow in a garden, authentic-looking if possible


  • old hymnal with classic hymns in it

  • gospel music CD

  • small book of prayers or devotions

  • Small, unbreakable, easy to clean religious statues

Old cars:

  • fuzzy dice like ones hanging from a car window

  • old cars the size of toy cars

  • photos from old car or tractor shows

Fun and games:

  • Domino set

  • BINGO game

  • 1950s dance music CD