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Another dog rescued from starvation recuperates, finds a forever home

Sampson's new owners are Jessie and Katie Grubb. (Submitted photo)

One has to wonder when the luck will run out.

By the time this story hits newsstands, Sampson’s ordeal will be over and he will be in his forever home.

In what has been an increasing trend, the nine-month-old Brittany spaniel was abandoned last month and left to die.

By the time the phone call came telling a Deer Creek area landlord his tenant had vacated but left her dog behind, Sampson was starving. He had trashed his house looking for food, clawing at the walls and floors in a vain search for something edible.

“I’ve been gone two weeks,” the tenant told her landlord in that phone call. “The dog’s still in the apartment. If you want him, come and get him.”

The shocked landlord rescued the dog and Sampson eventually made his way to Headwaters Animal Shelter in Park Rapids.

“His hip and back bones stuck an inch out of his fur,” said HAS staff member Rachelle Kemp, who herself rescued another starving dog earlier this winter.

Sampson, who weighed 34 pounds, was cleaned up, fed and pampered. (And neutered. He may have thought that was his punishment.)

“He’s the sweetest dog you could ever have,” Kemp said.

Sampson, today a healthy 50 pounds, was in quarantine for a month. His new owners, Jessie and Katie Grubb, took him home Thursday.

Kemp wonders just how lucky the shelter can continue to be when animal owners leave their pets behind to die.

Sarah Smith

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