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Nunchuk confrontation leads Wadena police to pot

What started with a call to police that a man was waving around a pair of nunchuks and a knife ended with an arrest for drugs.

According to court documents, police were called Feb. 2 after an unknown man started making threats and waving around a martial arts weapon known as a nunchuk as well as a knife. Police located a man matching the description of the assailant and the man, later identified as Shawn Albert Rodriguez, 21, of Wadena, fled from police.

As police approached the residence, they noticed an "overwhelming odor" of marijuana coming from the trailer house. They knocked on the door to the residence and another man, Antonio Carlos Enriquez, 33, of Wadena, answered the door. He told police they couldn't enter the residence without a warrant. The officer told Enriquez he didn't need a warrant since the odor of marijuana was obvious, and handcuffed Enriquez.

A third man, Matthew Eugene Redmon, 25, of Wadena, was still in the trailer. He was also taken into custody.

Police searched the dwelling and found marijuana, digital scales, baggies, bongs and pipes, a silver folding knife, $1,274 in cash, and the nunchuks.

Rodriguez was charged in district court with two counts of second-degree assault. Enriquez and Redmon each face charges of fifth-degree sale of marijuana.