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Suspect's Facebook page finds humor at court hearing

Elijah Lee Knowles

A suspect charged in the assault of three peace officers seems to find humor in his situation as voiced on his Facebook page.

Elijah Lee Knowles, 26, of Akeley, was arrested Oct. 22 following a high speed chase, in which he allegedly assaulted a state trooper with her own Taser gun when she tried to cuff him, beating her on the head several times.

Minnesota State Trooper Darcy Gagnon required staples to treat the gash on her head. Knowles is also charged with assaulting two deputies who arrived on the scene as he was allegedly trying to take Gagnon's gun away from her.

He then fled, driving at speeds of 110 mph, trying to ram a squad car, the complaint states.

He was apprehended when his vehicle crashed at Highway 64 and 200th Street.

Following a hearing Dec. 21, Knowles posted the following comment on his Facebook page: "First court date over. Went good. Judge kicked the meanmuggin cops out tha jury box was funny."

Twenty of his friends gave the comment the thumbs up to indicate their approval.

But one friend cautioned, "they can see your fb posts. good luck dude."

Knowles faces numerous felony charges in connection with the incident, in which a squad car was also damaged.

"The deputies used Mace and arm bars to secure Knowles in handcuffs," the complaint stated. "As Knowles was being put in a patrol car he kicked one of the officers in the chest."

Hubbard County Attorney Don Dearstyne recently amended the complaint to add charges of the officer assaults. Knowles faces a litany of felonies in connection with the attack on Gagnon, fleeing, DWI and the attempt to disarm Gagnon and shoot her in the head with her own Taser.

The gun's safety was on, the complaint indicated, so the weapon did not fire.

Knowles is scheduled for a pretrial hearing Jan. 27 in Hubbard County. He is out of jail on bond. He has an extensive history of alcohol-related offenses.

Sarah Smith

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