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Wadena SWCD hosting tree open house to replace those lost in 2010 tornado

The Wadena SWCD is going to be hosting their annual Tree Open House on Thursday, January 19th from noon-6p.m. at the SWCD offices located at 4 Alfred St NE in Wadena. At this Open House, those who lost trees to the 2010 Tornados can come in to sign up for their free trees that will be available for pick up in the Spring of 2012- it will be first come first served until the funding runs out for tree replacement, but there are plenty of funds left so far. Those who have already received trees will not be eligible unless they received Black Hills Spruce trees that did not survive, in which case we will be replacing 30% of those that were planted. We will also be filling normal tree orders at that time and offering a 10% discount on paid orders. We will be open extended hours that day so those of you who cannot make it during normal business hours can still participate. Cost Sharing could be available to those within Wadena County who qualify. Refreshments will be provided, and staff will be available for technical assistance to help choose tree species and location. Any questions please call (218) 631-3195 x4. Or you can log on to or < Donations are still being accepted for the Trees For Wadena Program.