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$5,000 worth of copper stolen from site of new Wadena-Deer Creek High School

Wadena, Minn. (WDAY TV) - Copper thieves have struck again in the area. They stole about 5,000 dollars worth from the site of the new Wadena-Deer-Creek High School.

Officials say about 360 feet of copper pipes, along with one-hundred copper fittings and power tools, were taken from storage trailers, where padlocks had been cut.

Police say the pipes were likely stolen to be sold as scrap metal and officials say they are pursuing new security options.

BRUCE USELMAN - Wadena Police Chief: "We don't need to be another victim over here, and continue to be victimized. We're taking whatever steps we can to, of course, identify the suspects involved here."

Police say they have not made any arrests.