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Beltrami County deputy on medical leave following dog bite

On early Saturday morning, July 9, Beltrami County deputies responded to a rural Beltrami County residence to investigate a complaint of an unwanted person who was present at this home.

After arriving in the driveway, deputies were met by an intoxicated individual who was attempting to control a dog, which was loose in the yard. As one deputy exited his vehicle the dog approached him and suddenly lunged biting a chunk of flesh from the deputy's hand. The dog attacked again biting into the deputy's leg.

Other officers handled the call and the injured deputy drove himself to the Sanford Bemidji Medical Clinic Emergency Unit where he underwent surgery to repair damage inflicted during the dog attack. The injured deputy is on medical leave recuperating from his injuries.

The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office impounded the dog under the dangerous dog statute, while the investigation continues.