Elementary students will receive a powerful message about bullying.

Becci Leonard, the executive director of Headwaters Intervention Center, and Missy Vrieze and Jan Anderson, school interventionists in Park Rapids, joined forces to create a bullying message.

Thanks to a grant from Itasca Mantrap in the amount of $500 and a donation from Riverside Methodist Church for $1,100, Carmen, Brad, Mitch and Sally will be present in Park Rapids soon. Puppets will be purchased to teach all children grades 1-3 in the Park Rapids, Laporte and Nevis schools that no one ever deserves to be bullied and that it's important to stand up and be a friend if you see someone who is being bullied.

They will present a skit to educate children on the definition of bullying, types of bullying, how children can respond if they're being bullied, and how they can help other children who are a target of bullying. Bullying is a prevalent issue that youth are facing and needs to be continually brought to the forefront in order to prevent violence. Presentations are scheduled to take place during the fall school semester of 2011.