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Park River man accused of trying to kill wife at nursing home

Dave Moe

PARK RIVER, N.D. - A Park River man has been charged with attempted murder for holding a loaded gun to his wife's head as she slept in her bed in a nursing home Wednesday night.

According to the criminal complaint in Walsh County, Dave Moe hid a .357 Magnum revolver wrapped in a shirt inside a plastic bag, carried it into the Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Park River where his wife resides, pointed the gun at her head and cocked the revolver, waking his wife with the noise.

Moe did not want to shoot his wife when she was awake, the complaint said, so after she woke up, she was able to leave the room unharmed and get help.

Moe is being charged with attempted murder, a Class A felony, terrorizing and carrying a concealed weapon.

He also faces three charges of reckless endangerment for pointing his gun at Walsh County deputies as they were arresting him, the complaint said. Moe's bond was set at $75,000 cash Friday in Walsh County District Court.