Ahoy, mateys, the loot's been discovered,

A couple of mermaids have uncovered

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The Legion coin in a bird

bath, you see

Under the of limbs of a big old tree

Detective/pirate Rachel Crandall and her accomplice, Kathie Borg, located the Park Rapids American Legion medallion about 10 Tuesday night in the birdbath located in front of the former courthouse, home to the Hubbard County Historical Society and North Country Museum of Arts.

Crandall used a bit of deft analysis to decipher the clues, but not before prompting husband Dano to declare, "Give it up! There's smoke coming from your brain!"

The second clue:

Buccaneers sailing west

Will fare the best

Anchor east,

You'll discover the least

prompted Crandall to head west.

"Buccaneers" made her think in historical terms, she said, and the museum came to mind.

She used a double entendre mindset Tuesday night when the third clue appeared.

Set sail for the northerly Pole,

You're not on a roll,

Head for the equator,

And it's sooner, not later.

"Pole" didn't bring to mind the arctic icecap at the top of the globe, but the pole holding the flag, in the front of the building.

Using a map she developed quadrants in the western portion of the city, finding Court Avenue to be at the middle, her "equator" found.

So at 9:45 p.m. she rang up her fellow detective. They arrived to find two other cars at the site, ostensibly also on the treasure hunt.

The two are no strangers to the hunt, having followed clues to determine the sites for several years, but never locating the coin.

Crandall was scavenging in some bushes when Borg felt an object in the birdbath, her mittened hands sending it into the snow.

"Rachel, is this it? Is this it?" Crandall recalls Borg asking.

The pair surveyed their find, pulling it into the light.

Voila! The medallion was found. The pirates will claim more than $1,000 in prizes Saturday, Feb. 6 at the Park Rapids American Legion when the fishing derby begins.