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Superior man charged with trespassing on his own land will get a trial

Jeremy Engelking of Superior stands with his ATV and hunting rifle that were siezed after he was arrested for trespassing on his own property near where Enbridge is installing a pipeline. (Clint Austin /

The criminal case against Jeremy Engelking, the 27-year-old Superior man charged with trespassing on his own property, continues to wend its way through the legal system.

Engelking is scheduled to appear in Douglas County Court for a pretrial conference on March 29. A jury trial is slated to follow at 8:30 a.m. April 6.

Engelking faces charges of trespassing on a construction site and disorderly conduct. He was arrested Dec. 2 after confronting a crew of workers installing a pipeline for Enbridge Energy Partners across property on the southern edge of Superior. He told the workers they had no right to be on his land, as Enbridge Energy Partners had not yet provided him with any easement payment for the project.

Denise Hamsher, an Enbridge spokeswoman, contends Engelking family members have repeatedly been offered payments for an easement through their property.

The Engelkings, however, say they have rejected prospective payments out of concern about diminished property rights.

Jeremy Engelking was arrested at Taser-point, handcuffed and booked for allegedly interfering with the pipeline work. The case has drawn national interest, including coverage from Fox Broadcasting Co.