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Washburn, Wis., mother charged in infant's drowning death while she watched TV

Tara N. Amraen

WASHBURN -- A 25-year-old Washburn woman has been charged with second-degree reckless homicide in the death of her 7-month-old daughter.

Tara N. Amraen was arrested Sept. 25 after her baby, Ciana Grace Hendricks-Amraen, drowned in a bathtub Sept. 10.

Bayfield County authorities say Amraen had put the infant in a baby chair and set it in the bathtub, along with a 2-year-old sibling. She then allegedly left the children in the tub and went to a friend's apartment in the same building to watch two performances on the TV program "America's Got Talent."

Amraen went back and found the 7-month-old unresponsive. The girl was pronounced dead at an Ashland hospital.

Amraen told Fox 21 News she went to her friend's apartment to catch up on the day's activities. There was a TV show on, but she said she was only there five minutes before she left and went back to her apartment and her children.

She said a friend called 911, but medics' attempts to revive Ciana did not work.

"I feel bad for her, but at the same time, it makes me say why don't people teach their children how to raise children?" said Ryan Jensen, a neighbor. "You just don't leave a child unattended for so long."

Amraen disputes other details about the incident but declined to be specific, referring Fox 21 to her public defenders. She is out of jail on a $10,000 signature bond. Relatives are caring for her other two children.

Amraen said her next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 13.