An Emerado, N.D., woman, distraught over personal problems including former trouble with the law, rammed her van into her own house after telling the local police chief she wanted to end it all.

Police Chief Tim Gillespie said Veronica Trevino knocked on his door at 8:07 a.m. Monday.

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"She was suicidal, basically, over her relationship," he said. "She was upset about the arrest about a year ago of her husband and charges of child neglect and child endangerment against her. She was trying to blame me for her suicidal thoughts. She said she wanted to hurt herself."

Trevino retreated to her still-running 2006 Chevy van in Gillespie's driveway.

"I thought she was going to ram my house," he said. "But then she decided to back up into the neighbor's driveway to the north, and gunned her vehicle as fast as she could and went across the street into her yard. Thankfully, she was losing momentum because of the recent rain, her tires were spinning on the grass, but she did manage to hit her house about 40 to 45 mph, putting her vehicle through the west wall front dining room area."

The house is owned by Trevino's mother, Gillespie said.

"The vehicle was part way inside the house."

Trevino remained in the van, doors locked, the motor running and the wheels spinning, while Gillespie called for back up from the Grand Forks County Sheriff's Department.

"We weren't sure there weren't weapons in the vehicle," he said.

Trevino was not wearing a seat belt and for some reason her air bag did not deploy, Gillespie said.

After a punch tool was used to break a window, officers gained entry to the van, arrested Trevino and turned off the engine.

Trevino, who is about 35, was taken to Altru Hospital for a mental health evaluation, Gillespie said. He searched the house and found no one, he said.

He plans to cite her for reckless endangerment.

None of her four children were in the house, but were staying with their grandmother in the Manvel, N.D., area, Gillespie said. Her husband apparently has been living elsewhere, Gillespie said.