The votes have been tallied in the Park Rapids Enterprise’s 2019 Jack Pine Savage, Jack Pine Jill and Jack Pine Sapling contests.

Beard contests

In spite of being misidentified as Don Rubio on the ballot, Dan Ruberto won the Jack Pine Savage lookalike contest with 17 votes. His nearest contenders were Robert Winner with 11 votes, Bob Jenson with nine and Tim Murphy with six. Also showing in this race were Parker Torkelson with four votes, Don Pearson with three, Coleman Murphy with two and Dale Beireis with one.

Dan Ruberto
Dan Ruberto

Ruberto also won the “hippest beard” contest by a narrow 15 votes to Robert Winner’s 13. Rounding out the ticket were Tim Murphy with eight votes, Don Pearson with six, Parker Torkelson with five, Rod Nordberg and Coleman Murphy with two each, and Dale Beireis and Marvin Meier with one each.

The “most sophisticated beard” prize went to Ron Pearson with 14 votes, comfortably beating Ruberto’s nine, Wayne Ollila’s six and Dave Dwyer’s five votes. Coleman Murphy took four votes in this race, while Tim Murphy and Parker Torkelson each had three, Rod Nordberg two, and one vote each went to Don Pearson, Marvin Meier, Will Kako, Gary Guehlstorff, Dale Beireis and Dave Anderson.

Coleman Murphy was a landslide winner in the “softest beard” category, with 40 votes. Ruberto polled eight votes for second place, and Ron Pearson was third with two votes. Receiving one each were Dave Dwyer and Gary Guehlstorff.

Jills and saplings

In the Jack Pine Jill contest, Lynnie Stocker and Rachel Rudquist tied for “ultimate outdoorswoman” with five votes each. Stocker won the other three categories, 6-2 for “craziest hair/hat,” 10-0 for “best camouflage” and 5-4 for “most creative.”

Mason Bozovsky swept the Jack Pine Sapling contest, out-polling Raylan Skaro 13-12 for “best camouflage,” 13-11 for “craziest hair/hat,” 18-8 for “cutest” and 15-9 for “most creative.”

Mason Bozovsky
Mason BozovskySubmitted photo

Overall, several ballots came in marked with the same contestant’s name in all four categories, and a few ballots did not include votes in all four.