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Courts 11-17

Sept. 21

Steven Lee Gleason: 19, of Park Rapids, driving after suspension, $182.

Oct. 4

Benjamin Joseph Tuerk: 23, of St. Paul, transportation of firearms, $122.

Oct. 10

Jeremy Allen Moss: 21, of Laporte, driving without a valid license endorsement for vehicle driven, $132.

Oct. 11

Craig David Flemming: 29, of Florence, SD, transportation of firearms, $182.

Oct. 26

Anthony Joseph May: 16, of Park Rapids, speeding, $217.

Nov. 5

Thomas Lee Buscher: 52, of Akeley, DWI, $307.

Derek Thomas Dickinson: 27, of Park Rapids, furnish liquor to a minor, $332.

Cindy Jo Libby: 38, of Carlton, driving after cancellation - inimical to public safety, $332.

Robert William Fletcher IV: 18, of Park Rapids, careless driving, stay of adjudication, $100.

Matthew Alan Grubb: 21, of Bismarck, ND, disorderly conduct, stay of adjudication, $100.

Jessica Lyn Kahlstorf: 25, of Laporte, school bus stop arm violation, $382.

Robert Sanchez: 28, of East Phrata, WA, theft, $257, $220 restitution and 100 days in prison.

Lisa Marie Jackson: 28, of White Earth, theft, $182.

Darin Lloyd Keezer: 34, of Park Rapids, 1st degree damage to property and disorderly conduct (stay of adjudication), $307 and 196 days in jail.

Paul Gordon Lovejoy: 69, of Fargo, failure to stop at stop sign, stay of adjudication, $50.

Shawn Thomas Pfeifer: 28, of Park Rapids, speed greater than reasonable, $117.

Jeremy Duane Wersal: 20, of Brooklyn Center, minor consuming, $182.

Nov. 6

Kyle James Berg: 19, of Park Rapids, muffler required, $117.

Theodore Carl Roos: 61, of Cass Lake, speeding, $117.

Diane Marie Smith: 44, of Champlin, speeding, $117.

Nov. 7

Douglas Lloyd Dill: 53, of Minneapolis, speeding, $117.

Jesse Allen Forbes: 31, of Stewartville, speeding, $117.

Timothy William Kidder: 32, of Breezy Point, speeding, $137.

Richard Alan Loveland: 40, of Moorhead, speeding, $117.

Jesse Lee Barnum: 20, of Park Rapids, unnecessary acceleration, $117.

Nov. 8

Garrett Mitchell Reese: 21, of Nevis, speed greater than reasonable, $117.

Chelsey Rae Sautbine: 17, of Walker, speeding, $117.

Mary Elizabeth Dingman: 50, of St. Joseph, speeding, $137.

Andrew Thomas Palmer: 27, of Minneapolis, speeding 75/55 and driving after suspension (stay of adjudication), $312.

Nov. 9

Robert Jay D. Hamblin: 81, of Nevis, hunt or possess uncased/loaded gun in refuge or park, $282.

William Joseph Hamblin: 26, of Park Rapids, hunt or possess uncased/loaded gun in refuge or park, $282.

? Editor's note: Ages and other information omitted were not entered in court data.