Nevis area residents are invited to a meeting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at the senior center, located at 114 Village Road, to look at options for the space.

“The objective is to explore the feasibility of either renovating the senior center or building a community center that can be utilized by multiple groups in our community,” said Emily Whitaker, who is coordinating the meeting.

Groups who will be participating include members of the senior center, Lutheran Social Services, Nevis Lions, Nevis Women’s Club and Nevis Community Education.

“I would love for anyone else interested in the project to come,” Whitaker said. “The agenda is basically to get everyone together in the same space to discuss their needs as well as the needs of the community and what a community center space would need to include in order to meet those needs.”

Council member Sue Gray suggested someone from the council attend. “If something were to happen to the senior center and they disbanded, that property reverts to the city,” she said. “It’s in their records, so it might behoove us to get involved in that planning session.”

Whitaker said some area seniors would like to explore the idea of an assisted living facility in Nevis as well.

Whitaker said the next step will be to take ideas from the senior center committee to the city council meeting Oct. 15 and to explore a building committee to look at options for this project, as well as grants, building plans, uses, revenue and facility management.

“Hopefully, we can at least get the conversation going and into the right hands so it can be accomplished,” she said.