Nevis was filled with piggie high jinx on Sunday.

Two sunny afternoon races packed the bleachers with onlookers eager to see the sport of pig racing.

Gary Dauer was unable to serve as ringmaster - or more accurately, pigmeister - for the day. Race organizer Dave McCurnin, along with Stacy McCurnin and Jim Haas, did the honors this year, while Dauer watched from the sidelines. Dauer trains the piglets in Leader for the International Pig Racing Federation-sanctioned event.

The 2019 Nevis Pig Race went whole hog to settle two perplexing questions: which classic Hollywood comedy is the funniest and which branch of the military is the best? The nominated films were "Airplane!," "Caddyshack," "Naked Gun," "Animal House" and "Blazing Saddles." "Animal House" took top honors when its piggie, named "Don't call me Shirley," capturing the win. Thanks to a porker called "Patton," the U.S. Army was deemed the best.

Dave McCurnin quipped that the Nevis Lions Club was "serving last year's losers" as sandwiches, along with "bottled water from Flint, Michigan."

Nevis Women's Club sold its delicious pig-shaped cookies.