The Tech-No-Tigers Robotics Team, made up of students from Nevis School as well as Walker-Hackensack-Akeley School, placed 16th out of 36 teams at the state competition this past weekend at Williams Arena in Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, Menahga Robotic Gigabots #4703 placed 25th overall.

"We have a record of 3-5 at state, ended 25 out of 36 teams," explained Nichole Weston, who mentors the Menahga School team, along with husband Toby. "Our team and robot performed well. No injuries or breakdowns. We had a great experience and are already chatting about next year. A big thank you to our mentors - Nevis and Frazee. They assisted us greatly! We appreciate all they did for our team."

Nevis pit captain Autumn Vogel said, "State will forever be embedded into my memory. There were 36 teams who attended the state competition and only four were able to be an alliance captain."

Vogel, a senior, has been on the robotics team for three years. She said she felt sad when Nevis was not picked in the alliance selection.

"After it was over, we took a big team picture with our robot and I started to cry because it hit me that my season had come to an end," she said. "I think I will always be a Tech-No-Tiger at heart. I have met so many new friends through robotics and looking back, I don't know what I would have done without them."

Vogel said she is thankful the team was able to make it to both worlds and state competitions. "I can't imagine ending my high school year another way than with a banner winning robot and some of my favorite nerds," she said. "I will hold the memories I made with them forever."

Michael Wegscheid, driver for the Tech-No-Tigers, said the state competition was a lot of fun. "We performed very well," he said. "Our robot did exactly what it was designed to do with very few problems. State is a lot different experience than a regional competition. Since there is half the number of teams at state, everything moves a lot faster and there is very little time in between matches. Overall, I am very proud of everything this team has accomplished this season and it was a lot of fun."

"I had an awesome time at state," team member Wyatt Rech said. "We had two high-scoring matches, even though our 3-5 record might suggest otherwise. Overall, it was a great experience and was a very emotional event for our seniors."