Akeley has 30 tons less of junk, thanks to efforts during the citywide, clean-up days May 11-12.

"We had a good turnout again, filled the four big dumpsters and got four trailers of scrap iron," said city maintenance supervisor Kelly VandenEykel.

Each dumpster holds 40 yards of garbage. "They hold roughly six tons of garbage per dumpster," he said. "With the dumpsters and the tires and the TVs, I'm right at 27 tons, not including the scrap iron, which is at least three tons."

VandenEykel said the county had four five-yard dumpsters on a trailer and they were all filled with electronics. "We separate that stuff out for them," he said.

Clean up Days are free for residents of the City of Akeley. "I want to thank everyone at the transfer station and Janelle," he said. "They let us dump for free as long as we sort everything out. That's what volunteers do all day long, watch and make sure things are put where they belong."

He also said he would like to thank Dotti Lanning, Leonard DeWitt and Dee Hanson for volunteering; Dennis Dudley, who brings his trailers for the scrap iron and hauls it away; and the Grinning Bear Roll-Off Service from Pine River.

VandenEykel said he started the large-scale cleanup operations three or four years ago to continue the tradition of clean-up days that was done on a smaller scale.

"I decided after driving around every day that this town needed something to clean it up," he said.

VandenEykel said there is an area for dumping brush that he wants to encourage city residents to use during the week. The area is locked and monitored, so contact the city hall at 652-2465 to have one of the workers open it.