The hallway at Century School was filled with displays by students who became experts for a day on a topic of their choice. Popular choices were dogs, ocean creatures and planets. Parents and other students walked around and talked with students about their topics, asking questions and learning about a variety of subjects.

Three students chose topics they knew about from their own experiences. LeRoy Ross, who lives on the White Earth Reservation, chose to present on wild rice. He said he has gone ricing with his uncles on Leech Lake. He said he has also has helped stomp and dry the rice. "Some people bag it for their family to eat and other people sell it," he said.

Derek May wanted to learn more about walleye, a fitting topic to share the week before fishing opener. He likes to fish with his dad and brother and said he has caught four walleye. His advice for those trying to catch a walleye "is use shiners and suckers, and don't give up."

The biggest walleye he caught was 24 inches long. The graph he made for his project shows how size and age are correlated, and that this fish was over 10 years old.

Cooper Sharp did his presentation about white-tailed deer. He said he went hunting for the first time last fall at age 10 and got a spike on his grandpa's land near Two Inlets, where he also found many shed antlers for his display.