What started out as an idea two 11-year old friends had to have a lemonade stand and donate the money raised to a good cause grew into a $300 donation they brought in to surprise the Headwaters Animal Shelter staff in Park Rapids last week.

Macey Jalbert and Kennedy Campbell have been friends since they were assigned to the same class at Century School in Park Rapids last year.

“We have been planning it for awhile,” Jalbert said.

“We’ve been to the shelter a couple times before, so that’s where we decided to donate the money,” Campbell added.

The duo set up their lemonade stand at Campbell’s grandma’s house, right across the street from Cwikla Ace Hardware in Park Rapids last Wednesday, so people coming and going from the farmer’s market would see it and stop.

“We were there for a good four or five hours,” Jalbert said. “We had a sign explaining the money was going to the animal shelter.”

While the lemonade was 50 cents a glass, generous customers often gave more after seeing the sign.

“One person bought two lemonades for a dollar and gave us a $19 tip,” Campbell said.

Two area businesses matched the money the girls raised, tripling their donation.

“Our dads helped us,” Campbell said. “Macey’s dad owns Park Rapids Ford and my dad works for Smokey Hills Outdoor Store. I called the store and asked for the manager and they said they would also match the money and we both had a deal.”

Both girls love animals. Jalbert has two dogs, and Campbell has a dog and a cat. They are hoping to raise more money for the shelter next year.

They surprised the shelter staff with their donation last week.

“We just walked in the door with our donation today,” Jalbert said.

The girls hope to be able to volunteer together at the shelter in the future.

“As parents, we are very proud of the fact that they wanted to give money to the shelter and not have it be just for themselves,” said Macey’s mom, LeeAnn Jalbert. “It is important to help others when you can. When they go to volunteer at the shelter I’m sure they will have a blast.”

Shelter manager Rochelle Hamp said they appreciate all donations, big or small. Money, food, cleaning supplies and pet products are all needed, along with volunteers to help with the animals. For more information, go to headwatersanimalshelter.org or call 218-237-7100.