State fair winners recognized


"The 2018 Minnesota State Fair has wrapped up and once again, Hubbard County 4-Hers represented us well," Hubbard County 4-H Program Coordinator Mari Jo Lohmeier said. "The following Hubbard County 4-Hers participated at the Great Minnesota Get Together. Many of them talk about the wonderful time that they had and the learning opportunities that they were given. It is always so fun to see our kids trying new things, new projects, new state fair events, such as Chef for a Day, Minnesota Meats contest, Livestock Judging Contest or even just staying in the 4-H Hilton for the first time. Congratulations to all."

Hubbard County 4-H awards at the Minnesota State Fair were as follows:

Rabbits: Alexis Booge (Blue, 3rd), Pierce Deblieck (Purple, 4th), Jamithin Booge (Blue, 2nd), Isaac Knaap (Red), Naomi Knaack (Blue, 3rd);

Sheep: Brady Booge (Red, 4th in herdsmanship);

Swine: Marley Mitchell (Purple, 1st), Allison Offerdahl (Purple, 1st, Grand Champion Hampshire Gilt), Megan Offerdahl (Purple, 2nd, Reserve Champion Spot Gilt);

Dairy Goats: Emma Bliss (Blue, Showmanship Red);

Market Goats: Cain Mitchell (Red), Maddyson Brakke (Blue, Showmanship 7th);

Chickens: Henry Thorson (Red), Mallory Kowalke (Blue, Showmanship 8th);

Turkeys: Samuel Kluck (Blue), Joel Kowalke (Blue);

Minnesota Meats participants: Emma Bliss, Mallory Kowalke, Henry Thorson, Maddyson Brakke, Pierce DeBlieck, Naomi Knaack, Isaac Knaap, Allison Offerdahl, Megan Offerdahl, Cain Mitchell and Marley Mitchell;

Other awards: Victoria/Kalleah Willfong (Team Demonstration, Purple), Isaac Kern (Electric, Red), Shania Kako (Geology, Blue), Victoria Wilfong (Performing Arts, Blue), Caitlin Kalita (Photography, Blue), Levi Trygstad (Shop, Blue),Victoria Wilfong (Individual Demonstration, Red), Kalleah Wilfong (Clothes You Buy, Blue), Naomi Knaack (Clothes you make, Blue), Johnna Krabbenhoft (Crafts and Fine arts, Blue), Kayla Monsake (Crafts and Fine Arts, Blue), Pierce DeBlieck (Engineering Design, Red), Evan Pohl (Engineering Design, Blue), Mallory Kowalke (Entomology, Red), Hope Kern (Exploring the Environment, Red), Marissa Engst (Food and Nutrition, Blue), Maria Wagner (Health, Blue), Destiny Kern (Home Environment, Blue), Ethan Iverson (Pets,Blue), Kiley Lindow (Quilts, Blue), Kady Langford (Safety, Blue), Miriam Knaack (Self-Determined, Blue), Chelsey Koebernick (Shop-Metals, Blue), Henry Thorson (Vegetable Gardening, Blue), Kalleah Wilfong (Fashion Review, Participation), Naomi Knaack (Fashion Review, Participation), Dorset Snowy Owls (Club Banner, Red), Emma Bliss (Exploring Animals, Blue), Dilan Iverson (Exploring Animals, Red), Charity Kern (Exploring Animals,Red);

Share the Fun participants: Gabrielle David, Marissa Engst, Nikki James, Charity Kern, Hope Kern, Isaac Kern, Destiny Kern, Kady Langford, Grace McCloud, Olivia McCloud, Evelyn McCloud, Kimberly Ohm, Kyrsten Sauser, Levi Trygstad, Harmony Trygstad, Lily Trygstad, Grace Trygstad and Maria Wagner.