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History sizzles at Legends

Chainsaw carver Perry Carlson of Rock Creek puts finishing touches a painted sculpture of an eagle catching a fish on Saturday morning. Another carving by Carlson, depicting a bear holding an umbrella, was the top seller at the chainsaw art auction that afternoon, taking in $600.1 / 3
Alex Zimmerman of Lincoln, Neb. takes aim during the "Legendary Archer" contest on Saturday morning. Approximately 430 people shot arrows during the event.2 / 3
Dan Pike and Kayla Stursa of the Paul's Bunyans team race against Matt Steckelberg and Ingrid Wick of Team Mimm to saw through a pair of logs during the Legends and Logging Days Lumber Jack and Jill Challenge on Saturday at the East 40 Tractor Grounds in Park Rapids. Last year's champions, Paul's Bunyans finished third out of four teams, and Team Mimm placed second. (Photos by Robin Fish/Enterprise)3 / 3

Lemonade, pancakes and fried food sustained visitors from as far away as Lincoln, Neb. during a steamy weekend at the East 40 Tractor Grounds, as Legends and Logging Days celebrated the history and heritage of Park Rapids.

Chainsaw carvers from across the state took shelter under an awning while they worked on their masterpiece carvings and entertained an audience during a series of quick-carve demonstrations. Their work was auctioned off on Saturday afternoon, when the highest-selling piece was a sculpture of a bear holding an umbrella that sold for $600.

Visitors also experienced craft booths, a DNR "wall of shame" featuring trophies confiscated from poachers and a Civil War period re-enactors' camp complete with cannon demonstrations and a tomahawk throwing contest.

Jacks and Jills

Winning the championship match at Saturday's Jack and Jill Challenge were the Hillbillies, comprising Josh Hunter, Justin and Renee Domogalla and Ken Hill. The Hillbillies previously beat the Chamber of Commerce team. Team Mimm placed second, having upset last year's champion team Paul's Bunyans (formerly Team Dan) in the first round.

Paul's Bunyans ended up in third place after winning a consolation match against the Chamber team. It was noted that members of Paul's Bunyans had competed in the Nevis triathlon earlier that day.

Ye Olde Archery Challenge

Approximately 430 people shot arrows in this year's archery challenge, according to Jared Hoefs with Smokey Hills Outdoor Store.

Returning champion Bruce Tusberg turned in a perfect score to win the traditional class.

In the modern class, defending champion Justin Meier tied with Morgan Hoefs at the end of regulation shooting. Meier won the shoot-off, with the yardage was increased and the target made smaller.

"We had a very hotly contested youth class this year," said Jared Hoefs. "At the end of regulation shooting, three young ladies held the top spot."

Tied with perfect scores were Ava Forbes, age 10; Jocelynne Hoefs, 10; and Ainsley Hoefs, 13. Ainsley Hoefs won the sudden-death shoot-off.