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Nevis pig races beat the rain

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The 10th annual pig races entertained thousands in Nevis Sunday afternoon. Pig races were often won by a "snout" as fans cheered on their favorites on the stretch to the finish line. Lorie Skarpness/Enterprise.2 / 2

The 10th annual Nevis Pig Races escaped the rain and brought over a thousand people to town in spite of the heat and humidity. Fans came from far and wide. Those coming the greatest distance for the event were from Germany, with folks from Florida, Texas and Alaska coming the farthest in the continental U.S.

"We had a great, enthusiastic crowd," event organizer Dave McCurnin said. "Must have been 1,400 at the first race and 500 at the second."

During the intermission between the 1:05 p.m. and 3:05 p.m. races, local businesses rolled out the "pink carpet" so people could come in and cool off as the temperature approached 90 degrees. Ice cream, water and other beverages were top sellers.

Shady areas in Muskie Park were also popular as people stopped at the pavilion to sample the Lions "Piglet Meal Deal" with proceeds going to improve life in Nevis.

The Nevis Study Club sold all of its famous frosted pig cookies shortly after the second race began. Funds raised will be used for their pollinator garden.

Although dark clouds hovered over the stands during the second race, rain held off until early evening when a severe thunderstorm moved through the area.

"We have dodged rain for 10 years," McCurnin said.