FARGO -- Feeling stressed?  Well, if you live in Minnesota and North Dakota not so much.

A study by a personal finance website reported Tuesday, April 3, that Minnesota is the least stressed state in the nation with North Dakota right behind them.

In fact, if you live in the Upper Midwest your chances of being fairly stress-free are darn good.

Iowa is the fourth least-stressed state with South Dakota at No. 5, according to the personal finance website WalletHub that looked at 38 key indicators of stress. Utah is the third.


In Minnesota, it’s more relaxing because of finances, healthy people and less family-related stress. As examples, according to the study, the state ranks No. 1 in highest credit score and is third for the lowest number of people in fair or poor health.  Minnesota also is fourth in lowest divorce rates and psychologists per capita and has the fifth lowest percent of people living below the poverty line.

North Dakota has some similar things going for its residents as it  ranks No. 1 in the least family-related stress and second in lowest money-related stress. The reasons for that are the state ranks in second in least divorces and second in best credit scores.  The state is third in housing affordability.

North Dakotans are not far behind in the categories of share of adults getting adequate sleep (5th) and the percent of the population living below the poverty line (7th).

South Dakota earned the top 5 mainly because of its top place ranking in most average hours of sleep per night and fourth place ranking in lowest percentage of adults in fair or poor health. It also was tied with North Dakota for No. 2 for the highest credit scores.

And if you are feeling stressed? You likely live in Louisiana, New Mexico, West Virginia, Mississippi or Nevada, the top five stressed states.

For more details on the study, see https://wallethub.com/edu/most-stressful-states/32218/