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Cat missing after Vacationaire fire

Chuck Klettenberg is seeking his cat, Artemis, which was last seen at the Vacationaire Resort when the motel burned down on Feb. 23. (Submitted photo)

Chuck Klettenberg and his cat, Artemis, were staying temporarily at Vacationaire Resort on Feb. 23 when a fire broke out.

Klettenberg escaped without injury, but hasn't seen his cat since.

His daughter, Tereza Klettenberg, posted this alert on Facebook: "My dad crawled out, after waking up to fire alarms, and he is pretty certain Artemis went out over him, but he couldn't find her once he got out and got his bearings again. If you are in the Park Rapids area, please keep an eye out and ask around, especially if you know anyone who lives near Vacationaire."

Artemis, 8, is "pretty small, mostly white with a black tail and black marks on her face," wrote Tereza. "She is mildly skittish, but very sweet and friendly once she comes up to you. She was, unfortunately, not wearing a collar or microchipped. Any information is appreciated, thanks."

Anyone with information can reach Tereza at 763-923-8314.