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County board discusses off-sale liquor license

Hubbard County Chief Deputy Auditor Sandy Rittgers clarified the county's involvement in the liquor license application for S & H Retail Inc., with a trade name of Red River Liquor Co. & Event Center.

Rittgers spoke to county commissioners during their Feb. 20 meeting.

"The on- and off-sale license was approved (by the county), then submitted to the state under the name S & H Retail Inc. originally," she said. "The Alcohol and Gambling Division denied the off-sale license due to the location being too close to the City of Akeley. The license is currently issued for on-sale only and the license is listed under the trade name of Red River Liquor Co. and Event Center."

Hubbard County Coordinator Debbie Thompson noted the application came to the county board on Jan. 2. "It was passed and it was sent in, not realizing it was too close," she said.

The state Alcohol and Gambling Division inspected the situation and discovered the event center was within one mile of the Akeley Municipal Liquor Store.

"So they never issued an off-sale liquor license. They did the on-sale," Thompson said.

Thompson placed the issue on the board's agenda so it's clear to the public that only the on-sale liquor license was approved by the state. The official record of the meeting will be amended to reflect this, she said.

County Commissioner Cal Johannsen asked if the former Akeley VFW had an off-sale liquor license.

"No," replied County Commissioner Vern Massie.