How big is Minnesota's Super Bowl?: Here are some of the numbers



Number of people expected to attend 10 days of Super Bowl LII events.


Those who came from out of town from 130 countries.


Volunteers who welcomed visitors, chosen by the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee.


The predicted high temperature for Sunday, with a low of 5 below zero.


Media members credentialed to cover the game.

Super Bowl Transportation


Parking spots available in downtown Minneapolis for Super Bowl-related events.


On-street metered parking spaces in Minneapolis.


Cost of Metro Transit's "Ultimate Fan Pass" for unlimited rides Jan. 26—Feb. 5.

$2 million

Super Bowl-related revenues and expenses for Metro Transit.


Number of extra riders Metro Transit expects over 10 days of Super Bowl events.


Additional plane take-offs and landings in the Twin Cities.


Average round-trip airfare from other U.S. cities to Minneapolis.


Private jets will be flying into the metro area for the event.

Super Bowl Economics


Amount of money each visitor is expected to spend per day in Minnesota on food, beverage, entertainment and retail.

$4.9 million

Cost of Minneapolis city services related to Super Bowl LII.

$400 million

Amount of money boosters predict in new spending in Minnesota as a direct result of Super Bowl LII.


Average price of a Super Bowl LII ticket on the resale market.

$141 million

Amount of money that will be wagered on Super Bowl LII.

$5 million

Cost of a 30-second television ad during Sunday's game.

$7.5 million

Amount of money invested in the Women's Foundation of Minnesota's "Minnesota Girls Are Not For Sale" campaign — an eight year campaign to end sex trafficking and the co-chair of Minnesota's 2018 Super Bowl Anti-Sex Trafficking Committee.

U.S. Bank Stadium


Total seats in U.S. Bank Stadium for the Super Bowl.




Wheelchair and companion seats.


Premium parking spaces.

Super Bowl security


The level of Special Event Assessment Rating by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, meaning the event has the highest threat level to public safety.


Miles of fencing and concrete barriers that will surround the stadium and nearby areas.


Number of Minneapolis police officers.


Number of officers working the Super Bowl — including the Minnesota State Patrol, federal agents and officers from more than 50 in-state jurisdictions.


Fixed cameras throughout downtown Minneapolis and neighboring areas.


Number of explosive-detection dogs to be employed at Super Bowl LII.

$3.1 million

The cost for overall security, which will be reimbursed by the Super Bowl Host Committee. Super Bowl hotels


Twin Cities hotel rooms will be booked over the 10-day event.


Hotel rooms reserved for the NFL in the metro area for the event.


The percentage of hotel rooms already booked as of Tuesday.


The cost per night at Days Inn along University Avenue in southeast Minneapolis — the closest hotel to U.S. Bank Stadium with availability the week before the Super Bowl.


Average estimated cost per night to stay in an Airbnb in the Twin Cities during Super Bowl week.


Number of Airbnb hosts active in the Twin Cities.


The average amount of money a local Airbnb host will earn during Super Bowl week.

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