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Walmart customer claims to find needles in sandwich

An Akeley resident says she found two sewing needles in a prepackaged sub sandwich that she bought at the Park Rapids Walmart. (Submitted photo)

The Park Rapids Police Department is investigating a complaint of needles embedded in a prepackaged sandwich that was purchased at Walmart in Park Rapids.

Edith Hudson of Akeley contacted law enforcement and the store after she discovered two sewing needles, each about 2 inches long, in the bread. She purchased the Marketside supreme "super" sub sandwich Saturday morning.

"For lunch, we ate the first section. For supper, I was going to cut it in half. I don't like all that bread, so I opened it up and saw something shiny," Hudson said in a phone interview.

She located one needle in the crust, and upon further inspection, found a second needle on the other half of the bread.

Hudson said Walmart offered her a refund if she returned the sandwich, but police instructed her to keep it while they investigate the matter.

According to a Park Rapids Police Department news release, "Walmart has taken action to ensure that there are no further threats to the health and safety of Park Rapids residents."

"We have removed all sandwiches of that type from the store as a precaution," said Tara Austin, a media relations specialist for Walmart.

"The customer has not brought in the sandwich to the store," Austin said, which is the first step required for Walmart to start its own investigation.

There have been no other reports in Minnesota or elsewhere, she said, adding, "We're working with the police department."

Walmart has asked that all questions be directed to their media relations department at 800-331-0085.