Police investigating threat at Century Middle School


The Park Rapids Police Department, assisted by the Hubbard County Sheriff's Office, is investigating "a vague threat" made at the Century Middle School.

Late Tuesday afternoon, police officers were called to the school when staff found graffiti on two boys' bathroom walls.

Law enforcement does not feel the threats pose any danger to students or staff at this time. The case is currently under investigation and police officers are working with school staff to provide an appropriate response.

Superintendent Lance Bagstad said the graffiti "wasn't directed toward anybody. It was a vague threat."

All threats are taken very seriously by the school district and the Park Rapids Police Department, he said. Parents, staff and students are being asked to "stay vigilant."

On Wednesday, police officers were present at the school campus. Bagstad said there was a quick, soft lockdown before middle schoolers left for the day. Backpacks and lockers were searched.

"Safety is of upmost importance for our students, staff and visitors," Bagstad said. "We'll do our best to resolve this."

Anyone with information or details may contact the police at 237-2711 or the sheriff at 732-3331. All information provided can be done so anonymously. Authorities say no information is too small.