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91-year-old harvests buck during muzzleloader season

Ninety-one-year-old Lyle Slawson of Park Rapids harvested this buck in his second year hunting during the muzzleloader season. (Submitted photo)

Lyle Slawson has always loved being outdoors.

He has always looked forward to the firearms deer season. Hunting with a muzzleloader seemed like the perfect way to spend more time in the woods.

Slawson started hunting deer with a muzzleloader with his grandson last season. His grandson harvested a deer, but Slawson wasn't as lucky.

His luck changed this year.

The 91-year-old Park Rapids resident harvested a buck while hunting in the Erskine area on Nov. 27. Slawson dropped the buck from 75 yards away, turning the tables on his grandson.

"Last year was my first year hunting with black powder. Last year, my grandson got one and I didn't get one and this year I got one and my grandson didn't get one," said Slawson. "This was my first deer using black powder. Black powder is more of a challenge because you're walking out there with only one bullet and you have to be within a distance of 100 yards. It was fun. It was the only buck I saw and I got it."

Slawson has several 10-point, 12-point and non-typical deer racks mounted at his home. He has also hunted elk and moose in the past, harvesting seven moose.

While Slawson has enjoyed hunting up north in the Warroad and Erskine areas, he and his family are considering buying some hunting land in the Park Rapids area.

"We've been talking about getting some hunting land around here," said Slawson. "It's getting so tough to hunt up north. There just aren't as many deer as there used to be. I have plenty of deer in my backyard. The deer seem to be moving south."

Slawson has enjoyed being in the woods hunting deer for more than 60 years. Harvesting a deer during the muzzleloader season proved to be a nice bonus for the veteran hunter, who's looking forward to another season of deer hunting next fall.

"I'm an outside person. I like to be outside and in the woods hunting with my family," he said. "I've killed so many deer in my life that I don't get a thrill out of killing any more. But if I'm healthy, I'll be back sitting in a tree again next year."