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Nevis School Board sets preliminary levy

At the last Nevis School Board meeting, the board voted to approve the preliminary payable 2018 maximum levy authority, which is $1,227,030 for the Nevis school district.

"This does not represent where we believe we will be for our levy due to the legislation passed this past spring allowing us to spread out a repayment of state aid over three years," Superintendent Gregg Parks said. "We are working with MDE to establish what the actual levy will be for Nevis."

Last year, the Nevis School Board approved the maximum levy limitation for payable 2017 which had been established by the State of Minnesota at $1,071,197, which was an increase of $162,920 or 17.9 percent. The increase was largely due to levy adjustments and abatements due to incorrect levy calculations in years prior.

The proposed 2018 general fund levy is $863,079. The proposed community service fund levy is $37,439 and the proposed general debt service is $326,511.

The final levy will not be set until December, however. According to Parks, Nevis school district is in the process of working with the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) to spread out the effects of their levy payback over three years. They have requested an extension from the Hubbard County Auditor to help figure out the impact.